Diablo® III

Constructive Criticism for the Auction House

Diablo III is the first Blizzard game I have ever played so please excuse me if I am not using the Auction House correctly, or if I am missing something.

Relisting an Item
Current Behavior: When an item is not sold, it is held in a 50 item list in your Completed auction tab. In order to relist the item you have to add it back to your in game stash and then relist the item once it is back in your stash. That may sound simple, but it can actually take a lot of steps. Here are those steps:

    1. View unsold items in the AH
    2. Attempt to move the item to your stash and fail (step 3) or succeed (step 7)
    3. Go back into the game and make room in your stash
    4. Close the game
    5. Return to the AH
    6. Move the item to your stash
    7. List the item for a new auction

So that is a maximum of 7 steps and a minimum of 3 steps.

Suggested Behavior: I don't understand why it is necessary to force users to send an item that did not sell in the auction back to their in game stash before they can relist the item. Why not let us select an unsold item and click a (now activated) button that allows us to relist the item? You could even preload the bid and buy out fields with the values from the failed auction so that we can see what they were and then we can lower them so that the item will sell.

Right now the 50 item list can be used as a free way to store items that won't fit in your in game stash (that you have to pay to expand). You could list things you DON'T want to sell at rediculous prices and then when they don't sell, you can just hold them in the limbo that is the 50 item list. I don't think that is what this 50 item list was meant for. That list can be used for items that you DO want to sell if you encourage users to use it as such.

The Opening Bid Amount
Current Behavior: Currently the opening bid amount is not displayed to the seller after they create the auction. This is undesirable because if an item fails to sell I cannot find out what the opening bid was so that I can lower it. Right now I have to make a list that tells me how much by opening bid amounts were for all my listed items just in case some of them doesn't sell.

Suggested Behavior: List the opening bid amount in a column on the Auctions and Completed auction tabs. There is plenty of horizontal space to fit it in there.

Collecting The Gold from a Successful Auction
Current Behavior: When each item is sold the gold earned on that item is listed individually in the 50 item list. Each gold amount must be selected and then sent to your stash. The gold is then automatically added to your gold balance right away and this is reflected in the auction house where your gold balance is shown.

Suggested Behavior: First of all, sending the gold to your stash is misleading and confusing. I thought that sending the gold to my stash would mean that it would appear in my little stash chest in the game or that once I opened my stash chest the money would be added to my gold balance. When I did not find gold in my stash chest I thought that the money I had won in the auction house had disappeared.

I suggest using the send to stash button only for items and creating a new 'send to' button just for the gold.
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Good stuff!

A few things I'd like to see ..

1. The ability to repair items from within the AH.
2. The ability to socket gems from within the AH.
3. Add gem damage to DPS in the items list, or remove it from the ranking.
4. Add more stats to order item lists on. I'd like to be able to rank items based on str or int.
5. Completely remove "Send to Stash" and have items and gold automagically go into stash.
6. Add a buyout minimum to the AH search.
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To add to the list of things:

The ability to see the overall effect of the item on your damage, health and protection like it does with items you find in-game. Now I just don't know whether to buy an amulet with a lot of dexterity/attack speed or an amulet with a lot of xx-yy dmg/attack speed (for example).
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