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Level 52 WD scared about having to VQ at 54

I am in Act I on Hell, now, and I have been having fun with my WD build. All the posts, however, are suggesting that a Vision Quest, Zombie Bear build is necessary to progress. I have been having fun using splinter darts and my gargantuan to move forward, with a fetish army to help out on elites and boss fights. Once I hit level 54, will I need to go vision quest and zombie bears to have a chance?
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You'd be better for it, but it's not required.

Here's the Deal -- youre pretty mcuh going to be end up using 3 skills on Cooldown all the time anyways. For 1 skill slot more and one passive, you get +300% regeneration, bandaging one of our most crippling problems.


Anyways, I got along through most of it not using Vision Quest.
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If you group up you won't need Vision Quest.
Mana-Darts; Spirit Walk: Honored Quest; and maybe Spirit Barrage:'return mana'
Can help you out.

I didn't use Vision Quest till 53 and I was alright, and I only used it so I could use my Spiritwalk to regain my health because I lack certain stats like regain X life on hit.
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In Hell you can still use what you want.

Zombie bears really shine in hell because they are the biggest source of dps you can get and in hell you dont yet get oneshotted so its comparably safe to use, unlike in inferno.

Still there is tons of other builds that are perfectly viable. If you dont like the playstyle, go for something else. I played through Hell without ever touching zombie bears. Had no problems whatsoever.
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What build are you currently using that you don't want to switch from to use bears?

I duo with another WD (we're both 51 currently) and we have similar setups. We don't use VQ and we don't use Bears. Here's what I take:


I'm not exactly sure what my buddy WD uses (only met him recently) but I know we both use Splinters, with no AOE (such as Bats, Bears, Cloud, Swarm). Just alternate CC spells, kite, and shoot tons of darts from far far away.
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Well with lvl 51 you cannot use bears yet anyway ^^
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I m a WD in hell lvl 57, in hell and I don't use a vision quest build or a bears build. I have a glass canon -- ghost build

(my build is this http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#eZUdgj!bVf!ZacYbc and description of how I use it is in here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5235395338?page=1#2 )
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I'm going through act 2 hell right now and i'm doing alright.

This is what i'm using:


Using bears mostly for large groups.
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