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This is the Act I challenge "Kill Larel, Karel, and Moek in the Drowned Temple with one blow."

I can't seem to do it with my Witch Doctor. I guess I don't understand what "with one blow" means. Locust Swarm kills them in a single 'shot' but not simultaneously. I have killed them all using Sacrifice and Acid Cloud, but did not get credit.

Is it possible Leah's stupid bow is damaging them a bit before they all die? Is it bugged?
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You have to kill them simultaneously. Meaning at the same time. It doesn't matter if one health is half health, the other is at full. All three just needs to die at the same time.
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yeah i've tried it a couple of times with DH using nether tecticles, the same shot killed them, but with like a quarter second delay between hits... technically that is 'one blow', so if ^this is the case then the achievement is worded wrong.

Edit: just got it using fan of knives, seems it must be done all at once, and not necessarily with one blow
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Easiest way to do this, even in full inferno level 60 gear on normal is:

Don't wear thorns.
Dismiss all followers and pets.
Remove the ability on your right mouse button (leave it blank to punch).
Place an AOE ability on your left mouse button.
Kill the main guy that summons the 3 of them.
Open inventory and remove your weapon.
Punch the skeleton on the far right with your right mouse button. (He has a 100% absorb shield for 1 attack, the punch removes it) I think his name is Karl.
Open inventory again and put your weapon back on.
They should all be around you now, use your left mouse button for the AOE, profit.
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Thank you very much. I was trying to do this with my 60 Barb and the one with the shield kept blocking. Used your method and got it right away.
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90 Worgen Druid
How do you dismiss Leah as a follower? Really hard to get this achievement when she just shoots anyone at random.
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Monk doesn't seem to have a problem with this :)
I guess that certain achievements can be easily done with certain chars and are much harder with others, if possible at all.
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You need to cast one spell that will instantly deal damage greater than their HP and they must all get hit by it together.
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Super easy way to do this.

1. Dismiss follower.
2. Kill all adds before engaging the first guy.
3. Kill the "starter" guy and run back towards the entrance.
4. Shoot ONE something (class dependent) that will remove the shield from the far right spawned. ONLY one.
5. Sit back and let Leah kill them all.
6. ???
7. Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck
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OK, so maybe something changed post patch 1.0.4. But here is the way to do it:

1. No thorns
2. Remove your primary skill so you will only throw low impact punches
3. Kill all skeletons, then kill the first elite which summons the three brothers
4. Remove your weapon
5. Punch the right-most skeleton (Brother Karl) until he drops his shield (took me 3 punches, roughly 20% of his HP). He might not drop his shield with just the first punch like some claim.
6. Let them gather around you and use a AoE skill to kill them all. I used lvl 60 Monk and the Wave of Light with Explosive Light rune
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Heres how I got the achievemwnt with a DH. I killed 2 of the brothers, died, and then killed the last brother. I was surprised as hell when I unlocked the achievement, not sure if this was intended or a glitch.
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seven sided strike on a monk makes it easy, make sure they're all close enough. 9 strikes vs 7 rune.
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