I am having several issues with the Auction house, most specifically items dissapearing entirely.

This morning I listed a rather nice looking rare, which was of no use to my monk, and I was happy to sell it rather than keep for an alt. I logged back in this afternoon, only to find the item entirely missing, I listed them and had 10 of 10 auctions running, this item is not in my stash and not in the completed list, I show 8 of 10 auctions running (something else ended and came back), it was not listed for a lot, but certainly enough to help out.

I had a similar thing happen yesterday, however I thought I may have made a mistake, misread or something, and the item I had listed was not going for alot so I was happy to overlook it, but in turn I made the mental note this time to be certain.

Anyone else seeing similar issues or behaviour from the auction house.