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Is atk speed useful for blizzard/hydra build?

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I have been stacking attack speed (rings, neck, gloves etc) since it would increase my "damage" but I have been reading that this doesn't really increase your spells damage just the amount of spells you can cast/sec therfore more dmg.

Is that true? and if so should I just stack pure damage/int?
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It stands to reason that a "fire and forget" build isn't helped by faster attack speed, yes. If you're sacrificing a greater max damage for two casts that barely take any time at all...
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The better question would be does the hydra benefit from attack speed (it does benefit from your spell damage at least).
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hydra yes.

Hydra attack speed is static, however the damage it deals scales with your DPS stat, not flat damage.
So faster attack speed will make your hydra deal more damage per hit. ias is very good for hydra.

Blizzard. Does not seem to scale with attack speed.
It clearly does not deal more damage per hit like hydra.
However it "MIGHT" deal more total hits during its duration. This has not been confirmed though. Most think it does not at all.
10 hits over 6s. (I "think" I have gotten up to 13 hits over 6s with faster attack. But again, not confirmed)
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DoT spells like blizzard, hydra and disintegrate do NOT benefit directly from AS, meaning they do NOT hit more often. Casting time for blizzard might be less, but the benefits of stacking AS for blizzard outweigh the opportunity cost of stacking something else like + dmg as far as blizzard is concerned.

Hydra apparently is based on your "damage" which is helped by AS, but you would be better off stacking + dmg than AS as far as boosting your overall "damage" because it gives a better overall dps boost and it helps ALL your spells.
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soooo this guy says hydra does benefit from IAS while this guy says otherwise... SOOOOOOO whos the real einstein? D:
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Hydra def does. Nerdlords have confirmed this with giant equations. Nuff said.

Blizzard is TBD. The current consensus is no.
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I'm having great results with a high AS build using Bliz/Hydra/Electrocute.

Bliz is primarily for crowd control in this build. The real dmg comes from Elec and Hydra which benefit from the high AS. I've only tried it in late NM/early Hell so we'll see if it holds up to later levels.
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Hydra def does. Nerdlords have confirmed this with giant equations. Nuff said.

Blizzard is TBD. The current consensus is no.

yeah, more time with blizzard. I am back to attack speed has zero effect.
The 9-13 ticks seems random.

Meteor also does not seem to be normalized. it too does not gain any damage from attack speed.

Attack speed does NOT effect projectile speed btw. They cast faster, but do not travel faster.
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Sorry, I should've been more clear. I didnt say hydra doesn't benefit from AS, I said it doesnt directly benefit, meaning it doesnt make the dragon shoot fireballs any faster.

Hydra benefits indirectly because its dps is based on your overall "damage" which incorporates AS into it. Blizzard, meteor, disintegrate, Wave of Force, and other "fire and forget" or DoT spells do not incorporate AS into them at all, other than maybe a slightly shorter cast time.

But even though hydra does benefit from AS, you are still better off stacking + dmg because that is added directly to your base damage and therefore will boost your dps much more than AS, especially if you use the above-mentioned spells a lot.
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IAS does affect channeled spells, in that it reduces the interval between dealing damage/using AP. So you use your AP faster, but you also deal your damage more often. This is somewhat counter productive though, as a slower weapon with more damage (read the same DPS) would use less AP to channel the same amount of damage over the same period of time.
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Just posted this up :)
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