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Blizzard hates barbs.

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Its obvious. We CAN beat inferno, but it requires tens of millions of gold that goes to the dh/wiz that are farming it easily. Should have known it would be this way since i roll warrior in wow. Blizzard cant make a warrior class period
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And maybe make fury viable? Almost all the builds for inferno are fury-less builds lol
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post # 7983745 of the exact same thing. complain in general or feedback forums, lets leave this one a bit more contructive eh?
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Being pigeon-holed into defense is what kills the motivation to play barbarian.

Why even have offensive skills and 2 handers when you HAVE to use a shield with defensive skills just to chase the other classes in end game?

Not saying Monks are in any better shape too.

If i wanted to be a tank...I would of stayed on WoW. At least in WoW the game was intended for team play and the roles of tank, healer and dps was the entire concept of the game. Diablo is meant to be a solo-able game with each class being strong enough to tank, dps and heal itself by itself.
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There's a post like at the same screen you are looking at, Reloaded, that has a barb with a 2h soloing Act II. It's literally in this forum, right here, with the guy doing it live now.
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This is not WoW. This is Diablo 3. Diablo 2 and Diablo before it were known for their ludicrous difficulty. Hell difficulty in Diablo 2 is one of the hardest things in gaming period. Inferno was meant to be harder than Hell.

Stop complaining because the game is hard. Learn to work against the difficulty or don't play. The only reason it's "Blizzard's fault" is because that's the way they intended it to be.
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I'm guessing you yourself do not play a barb.
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I agree. All classes should be equally as easy to play, so that I get bored of the game in a week because there is no challenge. I do not think games should be challenging or take longer than a week to beat. Games should not have a class that is very easy to play for noobs and a class that is very difficult to play for real gamers that keeps all styles of player happy. Games should only have easy classes, that way a minority of noobies like you & I can earn our Gold Stars and feel really accomplished.
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Wizards are farming it easier? It's the same exact !@#$. Only geared Wizards are capable of killing elite mob packs, yet they still get one shot. A geared Barbarian can literally run into 30+ Act III-IV mobs and maintain 80-100% life the entire fight because of Revenge. There's a 2-hander Barb streaming right now who literally kills Inferno Diablo in less than three minutes.
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w/e ...blizzard fails one more time ....
rolled a barb got arz abused in inferno .....rolled a monk same !@#$
i have a wizard now ....i put some green %^-* hydra on the ground + my enchantres and theyr !#@# all i just stay behind ....i stack 1 stat for the win..... max 2 if i want crit and thats all ...easy as !@#$
BALANCE ........
p.s look how balanced wow is :P i dont know why are u ppl surprised :D
cant w8 to see how fail the pvp will be :P
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Why would you want to beat the game in a week? Go farm gold, it is more fun than staring at your stats and achievements.
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