I'll start:

I'm currently in inferno, about halfway through act 2 (probably in act 3 by the time you're reading this post).
This is my skill build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WVRPTk!bVe!acbZbc (I can pretty much kill all whites with just frenzy and revenge but sometimes I need to pop Ignore pain if I'm unlucky with revenge. I can also easily kill elites, I even killed 2 groups at once... I rarely die but it does happen sometimes. I can also kill butcher in under a minute.)
My main stats with war cry on and enchantress armor buff:
DPS: 17736
Armor: 8683
Resistances: 536, 580, 589, 517, 642, 571

I'm using 1hand and shield