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Auction House Problems 27/05/2012

New thread created to highlight the importance of this problem.

Currently, Auction House is not delivering any items purchased to the 'Completed' tab.

Generally, Auction House runs very 'laggy' massive delays on purchasing items or delivering gold between AH and a players stash.

I recognise that Blizzard are usually fairly good with getting problems like this fixed as soon as possible, but as players we still need to bring these problems to light to (as said above) highlight their importance.
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At least this is one less headache I'm experiencing since my account was "hacked".
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thank you for posting this, because i thought it was an error and it was only on my comp but i was wrong. When is this bug going to be fixed because i wasted 70k on items and it never showed up but it did on the auction logs.
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Yeah how long is that taking everyone? I've got a lot of gold tied up in stuff that I can't even use right now. Just wondering. Thanks
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So glad it is not just me. So mad that it is happening. Just spent 500k on a ring only to not receive it or a sale that just came off as well. Hopefully they will fix this soon because as of right now im out 600k with nothing to show for it but two missing items...
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I'm experiencing the same problem. Thank you for posting this.
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same problem, quite a bit of gold tied up in the AH without items being delivered
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Same problem here, I thought it was just me, I even opened a ticket
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same here, Was wondering if it was just me…
Only about 40k tied up, but i kinda want the items I bought.
Log shows I paid for them, money gone.. nothing to send to Bag yet.
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Just bought a sword on the action and now don't see it in stash, cannot play with just 1 sword being dualweapon freak.
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Just bought some MF items on the AH 1 didn't register and 4 didn't show up in the completed list??

Checked other threads admins seem to be dismissing or staying away from responding to player posts

They know the problem is out there, but don't want to deal with it... yet
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I currently have had some items sell and not had the gold post to the auction house completed send to stash list but list in the main completed tab though a few things have indeed not been listed there either. While unlike WarWing I do not have a major issue if it takes up to 5 days, could you perhaps link to that article just so I can put my mind at ease and know I should wait a number of days for the transfers to complete if there is an issue and not go filing support too early?
I can be patient I'm sure they can work out their problems, and right now there may be delays since people are hacking accounts somehow very frequently even when there is no vulnerability known on the user's end and perhaps that they need to review auctions en mass or something. If not I'm sure its a bug that will get worked out eventually and with the seething rage of the community I'm sure they have their hands full there as well...*chuckles*

Edit btw Backlash nice to see some calmness on the forum as Blizzard tries to fix problems, I don't understand why everyone has to resort to rage. We are all very angry for one reason or another in most cases, and I'm sure they get that now, can't we keep informative threads 'information dense' and leave the rage to rage threads? Haha anyways, see ya all later.
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I also purchased items tonight around 3 hours ago...

all items missing...

aswell as all items sold tonight not in completed tab aswell...

so out quite a bit of cash...

with nothing to show for it...
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Sold a Buriza and bought a rare bow. Can't collect because they don't show up.

My Buriza has a completed transaction, but isn't available to stash.
The rare bow I purchased has no transaction, but my gold is gone and it isn't available to stash.

95K in the hole. How far done does it go?
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it's not just bought item

I put up a 2hand weapon with 1200+ dps and it's not in my sell list =_=

this is on top of a item i bought as well
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@astralwraith: good to see someone sticking up for the little guys LAWL!!!!!!!!!
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Blizz any updates?
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