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Auction House Problems 27/05/2012

100 Draenei Priest
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It's been several hours i'm still out 180k gold and haven't received my completed purchase. When I try to make other purchases it tells me that I cant have more then 0 items in my stash and to send completed items to my stash o_O
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i actually spent like 30k buyng things.. none of them appear to put them in my stash.. but they are in the records.. at least 2 of them
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90 Human Mage
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better yet.. buyout an item.. get a timeout.. you don't know you actually did buy it.. you attempt to buy other items.. same thing..

70k gone.. 15 items purchased that i didn't mean to had i known the first one was successful.

Screw this game

i doubt you'll even get a acknowledgement that this thread was even posted.....
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100 Night Elf Druid
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I purchased a new bow last night and experienced the same thing. The AH lagged after I clicked purchase and ultimately said, "Your bid has timed out'" or some such. But the money is gone, and no item.
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Posts: 59

Lost 225'000 last night, with the first waves.
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Posts: 24
<----- 150k lost
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56 Draenei Death Knight
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i dont think ive been on there one day yet where there wasnt a problem. They should be embarrassed to even put out a buggy piece of crap like this and theyre even stupider if they start using the real money AH with all the bugs in what theyve already got.
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I've been experiencing a lot of strange and annoying behavior, but pretty much without fail the items and gold end up in my Completed tab at some point within 24 hours. I bought something yesterday evening and it finally showed up this morning.

It's gotten so unreliable though that it's almost more trouble to use. Right now my completed history seems to have rolled back, as there is no record of having sold my last 4 or 5 items. Search pages sometimes load or don't load. The auction house button goes gray off and on throughout the day.

I haven't truly lost any gold at any point yet. I think people who say they've lost gold or items will actually see them appear after a day or two without doing anything. Just like the first weeks of Diablo 2, servers can't handle load and this feature is being crushed under the weight of its own success.
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I keep putting items up for sale. People put the minimum bid up and then the item is no longer able to be bid on. If you search the item, it isn't even there anymore. So people are getting set items and legendary items off me for dirt cheap -.-
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Same and same. An update from Blizzard stating that we'll all get our stuff and it's being worked on would be pretty a respectful way to handle things.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Posts: 439
I'm currently out about 100k and a few items because of the AH. Bought them all last night and i've yet to receive my gold or the items from the AH.
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I'm around 100k short too due to this bug. That's not what bothers me. Not being able to buy stuff I have been planning to for days is the real problem here. It staggers character / game progress (considering all the other problems with how the game currently runs).

Seriously, I had no idea Blizzard has become this kind of crappy company over the years. Address the damn issue, take the Auction House down (for the 1289128491284th time) and fix it. You have people getting paychecks to do that, and we, your customers, paid for the product.

Blizzard's way of dealing with this kind of problem is absurdly disappointing. Bet 95% of the staff is partying on a beach house right now, laughing at the idiots who purchased the damn game expecting a finished product, instead of a crappy beta.
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New issue.

my item after the auction house came bk on is the wrong item.
i put up a wardens verdict with different stats. for starters it had lightning damage as an extra bonus now its posion damage and its missing stats entirely plus the buyout is 50k when mine was put up for a minium bid of 20k to 60k.
Also not only tht it says it has 1 day 5 hrs left. i only put it up like an hour ago. tht should b a 1 day 23 hrs. i have soemone elses item. wth is going on.
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I received my item and gold that I mentioned early in the thread.

It was likely fixed for me during the downtime early this morning.
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Thank you OP. We really need an update soon.
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I just checked today. My auction log, my selling and bidding items, my purchased items, all cleared. Yesterday, I didn't know where my gold and items were going because they weren't being sent to stash but some were disappearing/lagging out. Hopefully AH will work properly very soon. Maybe they are fixing some security issues?
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*done in a tune, singing joyfully to greet a new day*

"Wake up!
Big day ahead!
Dream of golds are swimming in my head.

Flip on the power switch,
Wait for things to load,
It's morning but I've got that itch,
I'm in Diablo AH mode.

I just want to make some gold,
Honest, good, and proper.
I'm just a bare handed workin' gal,
Tryin' to make a dolllaaaarrrrrrr!!!!

But now I'm just alone and sad,
My pockets are all empty.
Those shiny things I had for sale,
Journeyed to cyber voids without me. :(

Blizzard plz just fix our stuff,
Then we'll stop the shouting.
We all just want to scratch our itch,
That's why we're all pouting."

I'm going to go make a sandwich now that I've shamed myself.
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This AH issue has been going for more than 24 hours. I sold almost 2 days ago and the gold I was supposed to receive never arrived in my completed tab. This lasted for about 20ish hours and now the AH button itself has been completely greyed out, which at the very least signals that Blizzard realizes the issue.

However, the game has been out for almost 2 weeks and it has been plagued with AH problems. I hope that this will be the last time, but something tells me it's futile to be optimistic.
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Blizzard basically shot themselves in the foot with their handling of the AH. No one in their right minds will ever use the AH with real money considering all these issues going on.
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90 Human Mage
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shot themselves in the foot..

More like blown their whole foot off
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