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dual wielding ASPD question and proc question

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If, for example, I have two one-handed cross bows, each with 2.0 attacks per second. Do they average together to make 2.0 attacks per second total, or is it 4.0 attacks per second?

Also, if a weapon has +25% attack speed, is that calculated into the attacks per second on the weapon itself or no? Like if I have a 1.0 attacks per second with a 25% speed increase, would it change to 1.25 attacks per second on my stats once its equipped?

Lastly, if I have +1-2 fire damage on said weapon and use a multiple hitting attack like multishot or elemental arrow with ball lightning, does that add the 1-2 fire damage per hit per enemy, or is it only once per shot, like the Life on Hit? Same for Damage Converted to Life?
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Dual wielding gives +15% attack speed.

Attack speed on a weapon is calculated into the weapon speed automatically. Attack speed on other pieces is calculated after.

Life on hit is not once per attack, but instead has a modifier for each abillity. Different abillitys gain only a percentage of the maximum life on hit listed (multi-shot has an extremely low modifier because of the enormous AoE)

Fairly nice informative video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEyiezB8Mpw
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Attack speed bonuses and +damages (also %dmg) on weapons are already calculated on the weapon's APS and DPS. Dual-wielding two weapons gives you 15% attack speed bonusm, and every other shot is fired from off-hand and every other main-hand. This also applies to every skill (even those which doesn't need weapon like impale). This suggests that you need two equally good weapons in both hand so your total damage doesn't get lowered.

I noticed something interesting when wielding two weapons both having different attack speeds. I recorded video while shooting weapons (dual-wielding and both weapons with %13IAS quiver).

With 1x hand crossbow (weapon APS 1.82) and quiver, resulted in APS of 3.08. Shooting with weapon over period of time when analyzing recorded video resulted in APS of 3.19.

Second hand crossbow with APS of 1.60 and same quiver as in previous test, stats show 2.71 APS. In real time test APS was 2.80.

Now the weird part: Dual-wielding those same crossbows, while weapons alternated when shot, APS (as shown in inventory) varied from 2.74 to 3.12 (as expected), but after calculating results from recorded video, the average APS was 2.68. What it means: when dual-wielding weapons with different APS, the actual APS is lower than the slowest weapon's APS after IAS from gear. I think this is not working as Blizzard intended, and it really hinders the viability of DW Demon Hunters.
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Thank you! This more than answered my questions and I learned a lot! Cookies to you all!
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