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Boss Loot Gives Me Junk?

The Skeleton King dropped 2 blues items when I killed him today on my Wizard in Nightmare. I have killed the Skeleton King 5 times before now and he (Along with all the other boss-type unique monsters) always dropped at least 1 rare and 2 blue items. They weren't necessarily useful to me, but 1 rare and 2+ blues struck me as a 100% droprate.

Am I having extremely bad luck with the loot table or am I experiencing an issue worth reporting?
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I've found it to be very common for bosses not to always drop rares w/o added magic find.
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I just tried it on my barb in Nightmare, same thing happened. Then I started the quest from the beginning and still just junk.
I also want to note that the normal way the boss loot drops (Loot falls to the ground piece by piece while the boss' death animation plays out) didn't happen, just a meager pile of stuff all dropped at once.
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Bosses in Diablo 2 did the same thing. You had better drop %'s for the first time you did that quest, meaning you got a better chance at better loot. In Diablo 3 it's similar but restricted to Normal mode only, not Nightmare and above. Killing the bosses for the first time on Normal will usually give you a rare or two, and a few blues. On other difficulties this isn't the same.

This can only be done once per character.
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They stop dropping rares after you kill them for the first time. It is not a bug, it is intended. It's to remove the whole 'boss grind' aspect that was so prominent in D2.
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Does the aforementioned mechanic apply to only one character or your account? Because rares for Nightmare Skelly only dropped on my DH, but my Wizard and Barbarian get chump change.
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Still have this problem, gravely disappointed in the stuff I get.
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It only applies to your character. Not your account. This was made so so that you can go out and kill elites and play the game, not just farm a boss for the best stuff.
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To clarify, (Nightmare Skeleton King kills, chronological order)

Demon Hunter's Loot, First Kill: 2 rares, Miscellaneous blues, white items, and a sum of gold.

Wizard's Loot, First Kill: Miscellaneous blues, white items, and a sum of gold.

Barbarian's Loot, First Kill: Miscellaneous blues, white items, and a sum of gold.

Barbarian's Loot, Second Kill: Miscellaneous blues, white items, and a sum of gold.
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