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Barbarian Duo & Solo skillsets

I replied earlier to someone asking about what skillset they should use while duoing, well I just want to post what I found most effective for playing with a duo partner, and while playing solo as the barb.

When I fly solo on my barb, I focus on HP regen and Lifesteal abilities - The sustain with this skill set is amazing, since most of all the skills have % based lifesteal or % regen of your max HP.
This is a sustain focused with damage reduction build:

This is what I use when I am with my demon hunter duo buddy (mostly Crowd Control abilities since he is the primary DPS)
CC & survivability build:
The main difference is the 3 second taunt, and the stun that pulls enemies towards me so I can get them off his butt, but you can see the other changes I made in my passive skills and runes as well.

Hope this helps some barbarians! I love the sustain build when I solo~ Never go below 60% life :)

Edit: Please don't ridicule my build as I have proven it works, instead you could comment on what your thoughts are on this specific build and maybe give me some constructive criticism.
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Thanks! I was looking for something like this. :D
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CC & survivability build

Instead of debuff shout, perhaps pick up Seismic Slam? It'll provide more activate mitigation between the knockback and stun, give you a ranged damage option, and will help when kiting in step with the DH.
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no problem, but I am level 60 now with better runes/skills etc so this is what I've been using on hell act 3-4 as of right now

(Note: this is solo skillset, when my friend returns today [he took a long break because he just had a kid!!! :D:D:D] I will switch it up to have a bit more crowd control, most likely taunt and AOE pull towards myself and then stuns~ and change my right click for Rend again or Sesmic slam)
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