Diablo® III

They need to buff dual weilding

my 1 hander has a DPS of 700 119+ dex, 13 IAS and socket, and my other has 580 dps, 15% as, 51 crit 60 vit, and i bought both of these bows on AH for less than 1 mil for the pair...

you just have to look around there are scrubs out there who dont know what they are worth.

ALSO, my DPS is 19k, average hit is 25k, impale is upwards of 40k, and i attack side by side with another DH, and i am A LOT faster then they are...

with a 1 handed bow with simular mods, and a quiver with simular stats, my DPS dropped about 3k, my HP dropped by 4k, and was a lot slower...

ill take the dual weapons all day long. the reason the 1100 bows are expensive is because WD's use them as well, and i have seen some pretty BA wizards using high damage bows as well

I hate to say it but your DPS is rather low on your weapons and your actual DPS is reflective of that. You could have bought a 1000dps bow for 1mil and probably have 8000-10000 more DPS easily.
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05/31/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Itharius
Oh, I forgot. The only good thing about DW is that you have two weapon gem slots. Meaning you can stack two emeralds for 100% crit damage. But then you lose 50% crit damage from 2h crossbow mastery in exchange for a lousy 10% crit from 1h crossbow.

DW hand crossbows would be a net gain of 50% crit damage and 10% crit chance over 2h crossbows without factoring anything else in.
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sorry forgot to mention i am only level 53 working my way up. once i hit level 60 i will probably invest in a nicer setup. But i am happy with the way things are going now, can solo pretty easily on my own (mods die 2 - 3 multishots and maybe couple bola's) I am only in act 2 hell
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05/31/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Kirthalion
DW hand crossbows would be a net gain of 50% crit damage and 10% crit chance over 2h crossbows without factoring anything else in.

Yeah... when I get home I might comb the auction house to find the best modifiers on quivers and hand xbows and see how big the other differences are. There's also the question of if you can find a better talent than archery for that slot.
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You would want to secure hand crossbows with crit damage and/or sockets so it can be socketed for crit damage. It would be an interesting (albiet) expensive test to see what truly rules. I have a feeling DW hand crossbows would win but is much more gear dependent.
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