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bow and crossbow, speed & damage

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recently, much DH either choose to equipped a 2h bow or a 2h crossbow. however, both side have their own advantage and disadvantage..

for 2h bow use, they claim to have;
1] higher APS [atk per second]
2] deal higher amount of critical strike [since sharpshooter last for few seconds, they can deal almost 100% critical strike during these few seconds ]
3] regain their hatred much faster [ a higher APS grants the user a higher speed of regenerating their hatred ]

for 2h crossbow user;
1] a much more stable damage
2] higher amount of damage in critical [ in addition, if a 2h crossbow user pumps its critical damage %, they can deal massive damage in few seconds ]

ultimately, it's still depends on how a person prefer to have his character being "efficiently"
i'm an inferno A4 player, all bosses are cleared except diablo himself.
So far, i've tried both 2h crossbow with CD % and 2h bow with APS %.

based on my experience, a 2h crossbow user normally gowith CD %. in this case, i'm able to pump my CD % to 205% with an APS of 1.50, although i shoot pretty slow compare to a bow user, yet i deal heavy damage.

As for now, im using 2h bow along with increase in APS %, my APS is 2.89 and honestly, damage wasn't stable at all. The difference in damage can ranges from 20k~120k.

however, using my data as an example, assuming each has 10 seconds to attack;

- a 2h crossbow can deal, 15 attacks, with each of them dealing a heavy damage. in addition, the critical damage on the first few seconds is deadly. [sacrifice APS for higher dmg and CD]

- a 2h bow use can deal, 28~29 attacks, with each of them having a wide range in difference of damage. further more, it deal a higher amount of critical strike, but with lower damage. [sacrifice dmg and CD for higher APS]

So, guys, it's still a very augmentative statement to safely conclude for which weapon is the best. After all, u're the one who decide for the "efficiency" of ur DH in DPS, not others. A different skill arrangement, gems inserted, stats, and many other factors can too cause a change in the use of weapon :D

So, conclusion? Play as u like :P either u go for damage, or speed
[PS: statement above are posted based on my past experience]
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I use a 2h bow right now at level 42 but I really want to use and xbow, from my experience its so much better. damage is higher and if you learn how to use it well its awesome!
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I've experimented with crossbows and dual wielding hand crossbows so far. I haven't really touched bows yet. At the moment, I've cleared up to Act II on Inferno, and I'm a bit confused as to some of the stats of the weapons etc.

Here is an example:

I currently own the Danetta's Oath hand crossbow set. I've used it here and there basically just trying to experiment with it compared to crossbows. I've read different forums and have seen that my "damage" is about half of what it is compared to with a crossbow. I guess I'm just a little confused as to why Demon Hunters have a weapon set unique to them but the damage in the latter parts of the game they are (or seemingly are) being rendered useless compared to their legendary counterparts (i.e. Hellrack, Windforce).

Any help on this would be appreciated.:)
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I'd like to see more DH chime in on this. Currently in A4 Inferno and still unsure which I prefer between my identical dps bow and xbow. The former seems to be more fun overall
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For me, higher APS means less Hatred. Why? I prefer using Hatred skills versus HGen skills. I have upwards of 2.3 attack speed with a Crossbow and run out of Hatred extremely fast.

For me, I just buy whichever weapon has a higher DPS with a lower cost in the AH. If it's all Xbows, then I'm wearing Xbows.
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soloing -> crossbow +crit damage/ hit chance build
in a group -> go with IAS + knockback/ fear/ ice chill on your arrows

the really difference is that you need a reliable tank for you to stand there and shoot arrows like crazy, and soloing inferno rarely give you the chance to stand there.

For PVP, it's gonna be fun to see how these two sides fight/ differ. D2 players get into the thinking that IAS is king. Is IAS gonna destroy crit build in PVP? Discuss.
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Personally I prefer my 2hBow. The speed allows you to kite so efficiently, run for 4 seconds, throw out 7 Elemental Arrows in 2.2 seconds(varies by your gear) Each one hits for 22-75k, atleast twice per target.



Been farming act 4 like a joke, opressors and corrupt angels got you down? No problem for me

I also use a 2hbow with +51% Critical Strike Damage(909dps)I find it mixes quite well.

Though I must admit when I know I am about to face something nasty, I will usually put on my 2h Xbow with a 62% Crit Damage Emerald before I pull. 140k x6 is a nasty little tool on champ packs/rare elites. However I always throw my bow back on as soon as the traps are triggered.
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I use dual xbows - 4000 dps. I have A LOT of dext boosts..
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