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Expired auction house items missing

The expired items from the auction house is missing. I didn't send my items to my stash because it was full. I was under the impression maximum it can store up to 50 items after the patch. I see that I'm more than 15 of the items expired that I have not send to the stash.
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Same here i had items not sent to stash yet and now their just gone after patch.
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well i am also missing mine plus 7 of the items i had on sale so ye fun times. now all we have to do is wait till hell freezes over for a response from blizzard.
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I have over 10 million gold in items on my AH and now they have POOF'd THX blizzard, please hire a new database team. THEY ARE SO BAD
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Same problem as Phoenix and BagOfTricks.
Same thoughts, for that matter.
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I am being told "Only 0 auctions are allowed at one time" when trying to create an auction right now, as well as having all of my bids and items that were for sale not showing up. Don't know if they are gone or what.
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So when exactly can people expect to see the return of their itesm ebcause this just dumb now. this is the second time my AH has been trashed by one of your supposed updates.
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this has just happened to me haven't logged in sense Tuesday and now i log on and all my auctions and the 20+ items that were already sitting in there that hadn't sold are all missing, luckily nothing was worth more then maybe 5k imo all low level rares, but still very annoying.
still 100k+ missing tho :(
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I also purchased an item for 400k and it shows in the log under completed, but has yet to show up in my completed items column to move it to my stash.
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This just happened to me, bought several items, after being listed as 'expired' for a couple of minutes in the auctions tab they just disappeared, cash gone too, not only the cash for the item, but also the overbid refund.
Please fix...
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If it takes longer than 72 hours, submit a support ticket.

1. Go to the Battle.net Support website at https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit
2. Choose "Diablo III" as the game with which you need assistance.
3. Ensure that "Use a few words to summarize your issue" is selected.
4. Type in "auction house" and click Next.
5. Choose one of the options that best matches your problem.
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit a Ticket".
7. Fill out your ticket and click "Submit".
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Same issue as Azrael, bought two wands. They appear in transactions as purchased, but the items themselves are missing. But a shoulder bought at the same time appeared normally.

Please note, the support ticket system is not working properly - it will not let me get past the Submit a Ticket section. Each time I try to select "None of the Above" it resets the page to the start, so I can't file a ticket.
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