Diablo® III

Fix for the patch looping

It worked for me thx a lot!
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Thanks, bro. You are more competent than Blizzard.
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question: how can i check which client I actually have?
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This worked for me!

Thank you so much, OP!
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Alright, I am really confused. When I log myself in on American servers, everything seems to worl perfectly. However if I log myself in on European servers, I get the loop message. Does Europe simply not yet have the patch installed or how is this to explain?
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the only question is, why do we have to do this? i don't mind troubleshooting here and there but this is getting a little bit too much. my friends have a similar problem last patch. why are there too many bugs in this game?

Exactly... This isnt our problem, its theirs. Its cool that this stuff works and all. But for the people that are a little computer illiterate, they wont be able to do this. Or they will try and mess it up.

Its THEIR problem, they should be helping us. Not some random on the forums.
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you're the best
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OMG genius! ty!!! #2 solved my issue. Why Blizzard isn't able to articulate this kind of solution for us is BEYOND me.
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I tried to download the update three times and each time it said the file was corrupt... I saw Blizzard's answer to the problem in thier forum but I'm using all default servers and settings... Is this thier final solution or are they working on a more "official" solution?
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Ok.... this worked PERFECTLY, if you are having issues you may have missed a step, re read and follow instructions perfectly.

On a side note, why is the BLUE sticky thread about this issue so vague and useless? and why does it contain NO !!! information on how to overcome the issue? why are PLAYERS of this game sorting out these issues? I'm loosing faith in this company... very rapidly!

Hats off to users involved in finding a fix for this issue i can get back to playing my game now!(3hours late but hey...)
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I have 2 questions for you ; 1- For plan 1, I've found the hidden folder Program Data afterward went into Battle.net to find the Agent folder. But there, i am stuck to 7 different folders named :

agent ( data base file )
Agent ( application )
Error Reporter

None of these contains your Agent.db . WHAT SHOULD I DO! :D

2- For plan 2, I can't find your hosts thingy anywhere. Please, where is it located :D

Thank you for reading, please reply asap.

****Note**** When I get to the Title Screen of D3, my version is actualy and I have the message of a new patch. Is this normal?
Edited by Solennes#1959 on 5/31/2012 3:21 PM PDT
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I now get a corrupt file and says that I'll need to get it again
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under battle.net/agent i have no agent.db, am i not looking in the right spot or is it named differently in some versions?
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be aware that some malware detectors will flag plan 2 as an exploit (in theory you can use the hosts file to cause... let's say www.google.com to some !@#$ site or something...) I reviewed the edits though, plan 2 is safe... but your "trusty" malware /virus detector may still flag it anyway
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i cannot figure out how to do step 1, can somebody explain it for me in more detail, i opended up the correct file in word doc, now what do i do?
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Thanks for being immensely more helpful than Blizzard.
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Beware, if you do step 2 and then try to revert the hosts file, you will no longer be able to launch Diablo III.
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Thanks, #2 works like a charm for me (euro, enGB client, playing on US servers).

Guess I should just keep the hosts changes for future patches?
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sorry man option one never worked, im not about to try option 2
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