Diablo® III

Fix for the patch looping

Plan 1 worked for me (one entry was enGB, rest were enUS and I'm in Canada)

Nice to have the game down with major issues 4 days of 15 into its launch
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Thanks man! Worked like a charm. I have this bookmarked.
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Got it to worked with Plan 1, tested it by playing it for a bit. But when i try replace the edited agent.db with the old one. I get an error in the launcher :(

Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
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Kevin you are awesome thnx kuddos and RL points for you
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ugh... mfw I've been playing on a Euro server all this time...
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Option 2 worked for me, thanks so much for sharing this info!

I play on American server region and am in Australia, have a digital copy of the game.
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I did option 2 because it looked easier and it worked. Many thanks I was getting cranky :D
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solution #2 work for me..... I'M from canada for reference !

Now time to go back to my no-life mode ...
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Brilliant! KUDOS! click like button!

you will be receiving tons of it!

im from philippines and it works! thanks
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option 2 works fine :D

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to: http://html.expresso.me/smileys
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Blizzard should have hired this guy, and fired those useless admins.
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this actually DID work...thank you :D
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Yes, it works - thx

just a hint to simplify the operation
use replace option (with replace all) in notepad with string "XXXX.pa" to "enUS.pa"
XXXX being you client version
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Hey mate im currently patched at! By doing what you've mentioned in this article patch you up to 1.0.2a? the latest patch?
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thanks a lot, option 2 was great. I've been helping a friend out for a few hours now trying to figure out between the 2 of us what was up.. tried the hosts option, it's started to download the patch. However it has not moved from 0% yet... not sure if it worked or not!

edit: it worked, thanks again!
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You, sire, are a scholar and a gentleman.
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for option 2 - what is a "hosts" file? noob question prbs i know
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