Diablo® III

Fix for the patch looping

Paln 1 worked for me. WOW! Lifesaver, bro. I agree. WHY do WE, have to do this? Shouldn't this be automatic?
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Worked Wonders
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Thanks..option 2 worked...
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plan 2 worked for me but, still i shouldnt need to do this crap just to play my $130 game
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it works! and yes i have to agree with ya'll...spent so much money and we still need to do this crap?
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OMG OMG OMG...Kevin you are a genius or working for diablo and this is a crafty plan to have us all become complacent so you can infiltrate our lives...only joking. If you don't already work for Blizzard they are missing out. Oh it also aloud me to log into my Asia account. Thanks mate from one happy aussie.
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Plan 2 worked for me! Very Thanks!
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Copy paste ftw, right?
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05/31/2012 09:39 PMPosted by Barthus
Copy paste ftw, right?

Sometimes the biggest battle is finding the information :)
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05/31/2012 07:24 PMPosted by Bamp
Clownius did you download the game or buy the disk ?

Mine was Win 7 Ultimate with an EB purchased CE version installed from disk
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We all have to do this every time a patch comes out because Blizz folks apparently don't give a !@#$ about testing since it already works for others.
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Is this an official fix? I'm from the Philippines playing on the Asia server. Why is Blizzard has not given any thought about this fix? I'm not a techie guy, I worry I'll mess up the program.
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I'm also from the Philippines and I still cannot download the patch 1.02a, my launcher stops at the Initializing phase only. Then a pop-up will appear saying that there was an error downloading the file, please check your internet connection. But I know I have stable internet connection because I can surf quite fast. What could be the problem? This also happened in the patch for 1.02. Is this problem Blizzard-side?
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You're thanking a lame guy that stole it and posted it without crediting instead of just bumping the other thread.


Lol..seriously, how is this post stickied?

because most of us requested this thread to become sticky that's why.. and this thread deserves it.. even though this is not the original one but it doesn't matter as long as it is helpful, people will recognize it.. :)
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Solution 2 works for me, but why does the launcher still keep on updating every time I close the program? Anyone else having this problem?
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Why is it that someone has to come up with a way to reconfigure files for a game that Blizzard should update and have all that taken care of. Not everyone is capable of going in and updating and reeditiing there files this is why we buy a program and dont make it our selves. This has become a daily activity for someone to figure out how to get back into the game and post it here for the rest of us. Blizz please get this fixed so people can just hit the PLAY button and enjoy the product we have waited 15 years for.
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Why is it that someone has to come up with a way to reconfigure files for a game that Blizzard should update and have all that taken care of

Take your pick ;p

1) They are too lazy to fix something that works for the majority of users anyway
2) They don't do thorough testing before applying RANDOM patches (scheduled would be inappropriate at this point)
3) Players are just simply better and should be paid rather than some of blizz's programmers -lol
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Both steps didn't work for me. I'm using a Windows 7 laptop.

(Did option 1 in my mac and it worked! I wonder what's wrong with Windows 7!)
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Problem seemed to have automagically fixed. Playing now.

My friend's also fixed.
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This doesn't work for me, they are already set to enUS except for those that are public-test, which wasn't mentioned as one to modify.

Any ideas? I literally can't even launch the game.
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