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Fix for the patch looping

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Hmm, normally when your in a patch loop you dont have an issue launching the game. Did you try method two? But either of them should not effect launching the game.
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what is the overight step? on plan 2, step 6. what does it mean and how do i do it?

And for plan 1.. what do u put into the agent.db folder? how do u tell what client u are???

I uninstalled as the patch wouldnt work. this wont work, any other advise? It is stuck on 'updating setup files'
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I checked my account just now, and it didn't "Patch Required" message, Asia server.

Didn't do anything, I just played in a shop with a D3 patched game, and when I got home, checked it in my Laptop, and it's already playable.

Don't know if Blizzard already fixed the problem.
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For whatever it's worth at this stage, I had this problem - European client, Americas server - and fixed it by installing the US client over my existing EU client install.
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Cant find any of these folders, battle.net or "hosts"
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Didnt work for me, followed these steps to the "T" and launcher wont even.... launch now, nothing opens
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I tried all other suggested fixes, but the one thing that fixed my loop issue was the following:

(I am running Windows 7 64bit)

1. locate the executable "diablo3.exe"
2. Right-click, and select "Run as Administrator"
3. The Diablo launch app loads, but this time says, "Diablo Updated"
4. Select "Play" button and POW!!!!!!

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If you are play in EU or ASIA server, please don't use this.

Great, where the hell is a Euro fix? This is a JOKE!
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I had a patch looping issue that wasn't resolved by the other methods floating around.

When I launched the game, there was a dialog saying a new patch was available, and to click okay to restart. It wasn't possible to select 'options'.

Here's how I fixed it:

- Create a new folder somewhere (desktop is fine) to hold backup files
- Go to C:/Program Files/Diablo III (using details view is easier here)

You'll see a number of files with a '.Trash' extension, as well as the same file name without the '.Trash' extension.

For example:
Diablo III.exe
Diablo III.exe.Trash
(and others)

Copy all of these files (both with and without the '.Trash' extension) into the new folder you created above (just to be safe).

- Back in C:/Program Files/Diablo III, delete all the files -without- the '.Trash' extension
- Remove the '.Trash' extension from the '.Trash' files

Now run the launcher, and it should download the most recent patch, and you're all set.

I'm pretty sure this is just rolling back to the version you had prior to the most recent patch. Somehow, the patch didn't apply correctly, so this just does the patching over again.
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I don't have an agent.db file, I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling but I can't reinstall again so this doesn't help, however could you find some way to help me?
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"Plan 2" worked like a charm. But before starting the launcher/game I also deleted the "C:\ProgramData\Battle.net" just to avoid any other issues. Kudos for the workaround.
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I'm playing on Europe servers with an US client.

I replaced all occurences of
and added "enUS" to "display_locales" in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net\Agent\agent.db
Works fine so far.
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I opened the agent.db file in battle.net/agent folder.. url was already assigned to enUS, so that wasn't my problem. Still can't install the game.
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I am playing in the US and I am using a US server.
I am running in the default language.
I am NOT in compatibility mode.

Still having this problem. Any Ideas?
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Well thanks to Blizzard once again for wasting more of my time. I have limited time to play let alone troubleshooting your crap. Maybe next year you will have your !@#$ together.
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patch looping again but this solution doesn't work for the new current patch i am playing in us server from australia.
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