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"You have been removed..." Error 316704


Confirmed on windows 7
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I have this issue as well on windows 7 ultimate
If any Windows (64-bit only) users are interested in confirming whether this is a related issue, and feel tech-savvy enough to install and use Wireshark (http://www.wireshark.org/download.html) and Microsoft's Sysinternals (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb842062), and feel comfortable sending me the output files, I'd like to confirm if 64-bit Windows users are indeed having the same problem we had on 64-bit Linux.

If it turns out to be the same thing, we've gathered a ton of useful information already which should make it easy for Blizzard to diagnose. If not, then you'll at least know that it's a distinct issue.
I have intel7 with Windows 7 64bit not aware of any linux on my set up and have the exact description in beginning of this thread of getting booted after about 2 minutes everyday for this week.

I did play at about 3 am and actually was not booted one night.

Its good to stop bots but this sucks. I guess I will re-create an account in Europe and spend another 300 hours or maybe not. I have been a fan since beginning but about ready to go back to D2.
Having the exact same issue. win7 64bit. This problem started yesterday and hasn't happened before. I don't have no linux distro installed on my computer. Also I'm playing on EU and not US.
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Same problem here.

Additional symptoms once seeing 316704:
Logging out results in a lengthy black screen.
Attempting to log in after logging out (not restarting d3exe) results in another error:
Login failed because you are already logged in.
All chat functions fail. No one sees my messages in General, Party, or /w.
Hovering a quick join button shows empty bubbles instead of characters.
Attempting to change your current quest seems successful, but the "Resume Game" button does not change to "Start Game", and after restarting d3exe your quest was not changed.

(I am stuck on a level 60 in a normal game, 'boring' seems to fit best)

Once successfully logged in again, (sometimes other errors from the past return 3007, 3008 iirc), clicking "Resume Game" button without delay will usually create a game, however laggy. Any delay in starting that game, or attempt to change characters or quests usually leads to an error creating the game at all.
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Just started happening to me today too
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Yep I get this too... sigh
Cross-posting command that fixed things for me...

setarch i386 -3 -L -B -R wine ~/path/to/Diablo\ III.exe

I'm having the same problem as everyone else, but I'm kind of computer illiterate. Does this fix work for Windows 7? Can you explain what this command does and where/how do I use it? Thanks in advance.
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^ that command doesn't even make sense in a windows 7 context. setarch is a unix app which doesn't exist in windows. I think there's a way to tell windows 7 to do "windows xp compatibility mode" or something like that which might be similar.

But windows 7 recognizes when you are using a 32 bit app versus a 64 bit one.
same problem here, hangs and then i kicked and cant get back into the game =(
same here. stack 5 valor about to kill azmodan, then got removed. Screw you Blizzard
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Was about to pick up some drops I just got then bam latency issues followed by and error logging me off and now I keep getting error 3006.
same same! this bug is eating my fondness for life..
I have been having these connection issues ever since the patch and tonight its worse then ever I'm so sorry I bought this game I can't even play single player I will think twice before I buy another Blizzard product thats for certain what a disappointment this game has been for me and I really think the genious that made you have to be on-line to play single player needs his !@# kicked why not a off-line version would'nt that of taken a load off the servers for those that want to play offline? I'm just so f@@ckin pissed kicked every 5 minutes and no it's not my router or setting I tried all that bull you try to tell me it's me but it's only this game that does it wtf!
We need some blues in here
This must be a joke !!!

I've been trying to play the game, since this morning and all I get is been kick out and some error: 3167047 and 3007.

the longest time I played today is 5 mins (i was luck i guess)

I've search through the forums about this issue and i guess no 1 found a fix (including Blizzzzzz) yet.

I think BliZZZzzz laugh on us while they sips from their coffee.

C'mon Blizz fix this problem. Every one payed for this game and they can't play WHEN THEY WANT TO !!!.
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