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Quest Regression...Very Mad.

I just killed the skeleton king in nightmare, talked to the" stranger", went back to town, then went to hang out with a friend in normal. I then came back to continue my progress with nightmare and It said that I did not complete the skeleton king quest. Is this quest protocol that difficult to understand, blizz? Your d2 system worked better.
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And on top of that, I didn't even have the royal crypts waypoint.
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Keeping this bumped, it just happened again, except I got even further in act 1, then booted me back to the skeleton king.
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Same exact thing has happened to me on 4 separate occasions. Once after the skeleton king, once directly after act 1, once in the middle of act 2, and once directly after The Siege of Bastion. No items or achievements are lost, but I can not rejoin a public game where I left off. Blizzard, hurry up and fix this please.
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I'm glad someone else encountered this problem.
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Its pretty simple. Your joining a game where the origional host was slightly behind you. Not a bug, just a design characteristic.
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Not a design characteristic. A serious flaw. I just hosted a game for 2 hours, played from The Breached Keep to Heart of Sin in Act 3, got disconnected, and got bounced all the way back to The Breached Keep. That's 2 hours wasted. This is a problem and it needs looked at.
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Well then i stand corrected. But all the games i've joined have typically started about half a waypoint back from where i quit the game, or in progress of a quest i just completed. Usually only takes me an extra 10 min and i don't mind cause i get another chance at rare drops from big baddies.
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But you don't get the rare drops from the boss as if it were an original kill, because the game registers you as already killing the boss. Its just that the game does not document your quest progress.

I understand that joining a game where a friend is playing prior content will back-content you so that you're on their same level. The issue that I'm speaking of is bouncing between difficulties. I'm beginning to think that Blizzard's "Checkpoint Reached" text is simply aesthetics. Boo.

Edit: This should have been one of the first things worked on by the developers. The macro construction is what's most important. I could care less about server issues or hitbox sizes. This is what makes/breaks the game.
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BUMP http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149177705#1 having same issue, lets get this fixed and keep posting on all of these topics!
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When you log in to your character go to "change quest" and see if there is a start point further along than where you keep starting back. I've found that when I go to coop games the quest that I am selected to start on when I go back to single player is further behind where I actually was, and you can fix this by simply changing to the most recent quest.
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That's the obvious remedy, and I've done that. That's step 1.
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Bumping this.

I just spent 2hrs clearing through Arreat crater in Inferno Act 3. Got to the bottom level with all the waypoints along the way. Server reset and when I go back in lost all my waypoints.
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