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Compared to my Barbarian and Monk DH feels very weak early game, the only class I actually need to be smart with.

At first I liked it because it's a challenge but after so many mindless packs of mobs it gets really irritating having to work so hard to achieve what my Barb could with a few right clicks and a potion.

PS: why are everyone titles in caps
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its the same concept

keep your dex,weapon and +dmg from rings/amulet up every 2-3 levels and you will be fine.

use teh AH, save your gold..

im lvl 26 and 1 hit ko with multishot at 450 dps, easy
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yeah just keep updating your gear, max dps, im in hell and i have a pretty easy time soloing and killing elite packs
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I'm 35.. and I run complete trains over everything.
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By the time you are done with Act II Normal, you should be starting to feel like a baller. I haven't played the other classes yet, but I love how I am forced to think about tactics. Don't just stand and blast. This version of Diablo has integrated tactics very well!
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Any tips on skills etc??
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Dex and vitality are your friend

I'm level 42 and wreck mobs, and have been since the start. DH's have really high damage, there's no reason why you shouldn't be killing things easy.

What are you skills you're using?
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The game got really fun when I got Bola Shot with Volatile Explosives and Twin Chakrims.
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just look for combinations of attacks..

entangling shot chain gang -> chakram (steady aim/cull the weak)
frost arrow -> impale (steady aim/cull the weak)

and make sure you're playing to the strength of your current skills.. for instance dont run impale chemical burns if you're just spamming it to hatred dump (unless you're doing that to multiple enemies)

honestly though.. i think the easiest build is just herp-derping with hungering arrow, chakram, companion and 3 escapes/utility..
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Ranged is always going to be trickier to run than melee prior to say Hell. Then, the fact that you are ranged gets to be more and more powerful.

Monk is stupidly OP at low levels. You don't have to do much more than click.

DH is like any ranged - really powerful if you run it right.

1) Vault: You should be doing this often.
2) Caltrops + Hooked Spikes: Stops monsters in their tracks.

See mob, fling duel chakrams, drop caltrops, vault away, hungering arrow spam, and impale on anything that seems to be getting through. Profit. Eventually I'm hoping for a quality bow with cold damage, but right now I'm using a white bow and still progressing well. The only death I have had so far was 'The Old Man' back before I realized how many of WoW's mechanics had been imported into Diablo 3.
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I didn't start @#*!*% until the end of the 3rd act in Normal. Once you get dex relatively pumped you melt everything that moves, you can stunlock or root anything that comes near you, you have a spammable escape, etc etc. Best class in the game imo.
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DH felt easy since lv 1.

As long as you update your weapon regularly, like every 2-4 levels you should be owning things pretty easily. I still had some lv 10-20 gear at lv 40, but with a decent weapon it didn't even matter how awful my gear was.

Maybe it's just me, but I just spammed ball lighting from lv 24 to 60, lol.
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DH is a very high skill cap the higher you go. You can't faceroll or sit in 1 spot like a barb for example. You have to be on the move constantly, kite your enemies well, and get out of bad situations quickly with mobility skills.

Also depends on whether your solo or grouped ofc, solo is 10x as difficult.
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When you get Twin Chakrams.
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