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Let's talk Spike Trap

I've been trying to get this skill into my builds but up until Hell it seemed to be very situational and slowed me down too much. Now that I'm lvl 54 in hell tho I've been using it for a while as my main AOE skill.

The damage is ridiculously high (using long fuse rune atm) , the issues with the skill is that A) it takes time to "arm" before exploding", B) it won't go off if you place it in a bad spot C) If you place it poorly you only hit 1 or 2 monsters. Getting 20K+ crits with it consistently, when you place 3 down in 1 spot thats 30-60k worth of aoe damage.

Multishot just doesn't seem to do the damage required in Hell anymore, Fan of Knives has too long of a CD, only other thing I can think off is Chakram or Elemental arrow with lightning rune.
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I really want to use Spike Trap, but I am having a difficult time *not* using Chakram instead. Chakram is just too good.
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Dunno if you know this but the spike trap unlike the slowing trap (caltroop or w/e its called) can be placed anywhere on the map if you mouseover it.The slowing trap unless lands at your feet.The spike trap is not.
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The Scatter rune is the only good one. Rest is waste of time.. :)

I use it as one of my main aoe spells and I'm level 59.
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05/18/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Gaslov
I really want to use Spike Trap, but I am having a difficult time *not* using Chakram instead. Chakram is just too good.


Chakram with twin runes is just like "Yo, so I heard you thought being a big mob was smart...let me fix that for you."
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I love Spike Trap, been using it since I got it. I combine it with tons of slows and it's golden.


This my build. Lots of slows, CC, and the combination of Valley of Death, it's easy to get a large pack sitting there like idiots while the Spike Trap ticks down, especially when you're stunning them, slowing them, and they're running away from your skull shot fears. Smoke Screen is important as enemies will go for your follower (Templar obviously) and you can just stack the bombs beneath him, or to give you time to set up the trap.

It's just really satisfying when you have a pack of slowed, stunned, feared enemies wandering around all over trap and then BOOM.

Once I start accumulating chance to stun on my gear, it's going to be glorious.
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