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Need better build for lvl 30 WD

Curious as to what I need to be doing at this level. Currently I am doing this:


My typically attack order is:

1. Dogs/Garg on cool down
2. Run into mob
3. Pop Soul Harvest
4. Acid Cloud
5. Locus Swarm
6. Spam Plague of Toads
7. Repeat 4-6 until mob is dead

This actually works very well on mobs but not so much on bosses as I go OOM pretty quickly. Is there another build I need to be using at 30 that will work better?
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this one is working great for me:


Locus Swarm and Haunt for great DoT. Firebomb for direct damage and Grasp for rooting and a little damage. For boss fights I might swap out firebomb for poison dart and something else for Hex with the Hedge Magic rune for healing.
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This was me at 30


I kept Mr. Hex by my side and kicked some seriuos butt... explosive toads are mad fun to play with since they're everywhere and no where, and Acid Rain is nachos. Harv som souls and let Garg-dude take most of the damage. I used spiritwalk instead of Hex on bosses.
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Spirit walk into mob, pop soul harvest (aim for 3+), locust swarm, run to safe distance (you can do this while invincible), one acid cloud, slime should do minor damage, spam splinters, acid cloud when slime dies if mob still alive finish with splinters.
For bosses I find Soul Barrage to be great with mana rune. With 5 souls you can spam this for a while and do very good damage. Some bosses spawn minor mobs, wait for these before harvesting.
If you can get a nice soul harvest without spirit walking do so because it's very useful spirit walking when your out OOM and obviously it can save your life.
When you level enough I replaced acid cloud with Soul Barrage with phantasm rune. It's pretty underrated and most people chose dire bats over it but I don't like the arcing flight path. When your fully harvested, have full power locusts, phantasm and poisoning splinters all attacking at once you drop mobs very quickly with very little risk.
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I used this build the last levels didnt had any problems till now, but started dying with those minor bosses in ActIV

Think of chaning dire bats for Haunt - Consuming spirit
and Spirit Barage for acid rain
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Cool. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll look through each build and see what works best for me!
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I use this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#acZdiT!YXb!aaZaaa

Garg up. Use Grasp then acid cloud, then follow with lots of fire bats. Your mana will run dry so go and soul harvest/orb to get some back. This bumps your int up by quite a bit so repeating all of this again usually puts most champion groups to rest.

Acid cloud is surprisingly good, you can also just grasp and spam acid cloud if you are lazy. Great for clearing lots of smaller mobs. I swap the gargs rune for boss fights too.

Just starting NM and things do take a little longer to kill, but I have had a lot of fun with this build so far.
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sounds nasty gonna try out at least the combo grasp and acid cloud could be funn, fire bats, I would prefer some health steal to keep me alive.

Bought some primary weapon which will increase my base dmg by 2-3 times that should kick their a...s
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This is my level 30 build:

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#hSUdgT!YXb!aaZZaZ. Spirit walk into a crowd, pop soul harvest, pop a locust/pestilence, by this time your garg is tanking and you can spam firebomb for additional massive AOE. spam spirit barrage for less squishy mobs, pop back into spirit walk to collect health globes and boost mana regen.
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