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Inferno and builds.

Hi there!

I've seen alot of builds out there and mostly just people c/p their build, but I'd like to know why the hell one skill is better than the other?

This is my current build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#acgTjl!YTe!YYYZYb

Hungering Arrow: Does quite a lot of damage on single targets, plus used with the mark for gaining hatred.
- Devouring Arrow: Because of the 70% damage increase which gives me insane crits if the arrows go through a couple of times.

Rapid Fire: Does a hell lot of damage, both single target and in crowds. It takes a lot of hatred, hence both mark AND the bat.
- High Velocity: 40% pierce makes it quite nice in hallways and against crowds and the poison seems to hurt alot on the bad guys.

Shadow Power: Lovely in tight situations, if you're on low health you just pop this little guy and go nuts with Rapid Fire ~ full health once again.
- Gloom: 65% damage resist is awesome for those massive hits either boss/special/ champions do. My personal panic button.

Companion: The damage is useless to be honest.
- Bat Companion: The bat though! That extra hatred makes it possible to use Rapid Fire as much as possible, and it sure does cost alot.

Marked for Death: 12% extra damage is a lot when encountering bosses/specials/champions
- Mortal Enemy: Empty your hatred with Rapid Fire, fill it up with Hungering Arrow.

Rain of Vengeance: Does quite nice AOE damage.
- Stampede: An absolute life-saver! This wonderful skill works on anything but specials and bosses. It's a 5 second CC. 5 seconds of Rapid Fire on a champion on inferno takes its health down quite a nice bit!

Steady Aim: 20% extra damage when kiting, grouping with tanks.

Sharpshooter: Crits = damage = dead mobs = loot = happiness.

Archery: Gotta be honest, I've just picked a 2hander that does the most damage, so it's either 15% damage or 50% crit damage. Both are nice!


I've chosen to max dex, which makes me do tons of damage, but I'm squishy as hell.
But hey, we all die from a couple of hits on Inferno anyway, don't we?

Vitality 2nd priority and strength as 3rd.

What do you think?
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just throwing it in here that devouring arrow is better than rapid fire for singletarget dps, and you seem to lack any slows or getaway abilites? how are you surviving in inferno with that? Tanking is really out of the question!
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I'm not in Inferno but I was going to ask about Rapid Fire too. I really have not been impressed by it so far. Is there a rune that makes it amazing later on? I seem to alternate between Elemental Arrow and Impale depending on whatever strikes my fancy at the time for raw single-target/small group DPS.
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Rapid Fire is quite handy for crowds, since it hits multiple mobs, but if you've got an alternative I'm more than happy to try it out :)
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You'd be better of switching Shadow power with Smoke Screen, and I personally only use stampede while in a group, it saves your mates and allow you to deal a massive amount of damage while they are bumped, but its not great when soloing(its how i feel anyway).

And the mark is not really worth it on most packs(except if you rune it on valley of the death).

But you have to remember, once levl 60, it is best to stick to one build as to not loose your nephalem buff.

The multishot/Smokescreen/bolas combo is probably the best as you don't need to switch anything anywhere and you can still do bosses, thus keeping your nephalem buff(moar loot).
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Mind linking that Uglyshade?
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I'm currently act 2 inferno and my build is as follows

Calatrops::Jagged Spikes

Smoke Screen::Breathe Deep


Preperation::Battle Scars

Hungering Arrow::Puncturing Arrow

Rapid Fire::Withering Fire

Cull The Weak::Tactical Advantage::Brooding

I basically have 2 attacks to deal damage, everything else is survivability which seems to be necessary for inferno...stay alive and kite kite kite kite
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Like ravvehhh says, where are the getaway abilities? I have difficulty believing this build is viable because it has little to no survival (a 30 second cd 5 sec cc is not enough)

As a 56 hell act2 dh, I currently use this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aeYXTk!Wea!YaaZZa

the first 2 are decent dmg that can be fired while on the retreat.
Caltrops allow me to kite enemies at moderate cost. I'm thinking about switching to the -discipline rune, but 80% snare is nice.
Smoke screen is the essential skill for demon hunter... Need to break jailer/frozen/slow/get out of a wall/run through a narrow corridor? Smoke screen. I would love to see an inferno build work without it. Kinda sad it's so essential.
bat for the hatred. Helps to keep hot pursuit up for kiting after firing off a couple of chakrams.
sentry turret is so you can actually get some steady damage while you're running around. Fire and forget. I might change the rune on it to something else

Passives as noted are mostly speedups, plus a little extra damage.

With this, I can kill pretty much any champion/hero out in the open, but things do get sticky in narrow corridors. I look forward to seeing how it works out in inferno.

The skills I use now have changed a lot from normal and early-mid nightmare, where I could just go dps crazy. I may have to figure out a way to build more discipline to get escapes working more often.
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Note: I don't survive. I die a lot, and I made this build 100% from what I felt was fun/effective. That's why I'd like your input :)
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I've found that smokescreen and preparation are pretty much necessary in the higher difficulties. If you not impressed rapid fire, elemental arrow with ball lightning does good damage and is useful firing at mobs. Also, rain of vengeance with flying strike will stun bosses as well.
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Smokescreen :)
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