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Best Demon Hunter Build

For Damage and sustain


After tinkering with my build and testing all the ones many people have posted this offered me the best chance to sustain and heal myself while still being able to escape and kite. when you mix this build with a balanced amount of dexterity and vitality you find your not really the glass cannon everyone says you were. if you can kite/strafe your set. Also note that I was putting out so much DMG on my DH it was stupid but I was dying way to fast, with this build I slightly reduced my dexterity and greatly increased my vitality, with a good balance of dex and vit I found i'm still a hard hitting ranged DPS. So if some of you are reading this and think im crazy tell me how much DPS your doing when your dead or 1 shoted because you were scared to sacrifice a little DMG for alot of LIFE.

A Brief break down of how I use this build

Hungering arrow with devouring arrow rune, after testing out several primary's I found this one was best for kiting. I recently switched to devouring arrow because I found as I was kiting the pesky target chasing me I constantly got pierce procs and was eating him up. note just that proc makes up for my small sacrifice in dex to add life.

Chakram with twin chakram's rune I see people trying to work different things into their builds, as a ranged DPS I feel you need a little AOE and the this skill is one of the best AOE's in the game. The reason why is when you cast Chakram's they do not stop when you let go of your mouse button like the other skills do there constantly doing DMG, spinning through the entire mob and with it's low hatred cost you can throw this out as often as you want, even as your kiting or relocating to a safe spot to fire Chakram's are still spinning doing DMG good for shadow power as well. many other perks to much to type in more detail but I recommend trying.

Shadow Power with Blood Moon Rune I use this skill instead of smoke screen for 1 reason sustain, when you cant get to that health globe. a good trick to this is a fast firing skill with multiple shots or AOE to heal you up to full hp. for example sometimes I use Chakram's depending how low I am or if i'm trying just to casually top off. but when i need the heal and need it now i use it with evasive fire if i need to retreat 3 or 4 quick shots is a big heal, or you if you have the hatred you can use it with Cluster Arrow for a big quick heal. try it. note you can heal much faster if you use evasive fire with the rune covering fire but I personally like the 30yd tumble for escape.

Vault with Tumble rune, my best friend, I feel like this skill helps me so much that I cannot replace it with preparation or anything else. the skill with the reduced discipline cost is a lighting fast way to get out of a bad situation, or re-position to safe spot to DPS. lot of uses won't go to deep but I feel the utility is to good to pass up.

Evasive Fire with Displace rune, faster than you can vault you can tumble out of trouble, with this rune a 30yd roll is almost a reset to fight or flight, giving you room to breathe think and decide your next move safely.

Cluster Arrow with Maelstrom rune, this skill is what I would call flexible to your play style, I run cluster arrow with maelstrom for a hard hitting 50 hatred AOE skill that heals me quickly while hitting like a truck. IMO this is the best skill again anything the you can do DMG with and sustain your health is a big advantage for our class. try it.

Passive Skills-Vengeance-Steady Aim-Sharpshooter- ,Vengeance is used max hatred by 25, gain 20 and 2 discipline whenever you hit a health globe great skill to many perks to pass up, steady aim as long as there are enemy's in 10yd you gain 20% to ALL DMG, your a ranged dps this skill is a big factor on why you can sacrifice a little dex for vitality, put this skill on open your inv look at your dmg then take it off open you inventory and look you will see the difference. sharpshooter- this skill makes us who we are i gain 3%crit chance till i crit then it starts over again, don't forget to take into consider the crit you already have, I am constantly criting and it last 1 second after GG crit for days which in turn makes up for the little dex sacrificed for alot more vitality.

Thanks for reading hope it helps, I can tell you I do Tons of DMG still but have over double the Vitality I had before, I can stay alive and constantly DPS with my team. I feel like a true Demon Hunter now and not a glass cannon.
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No. This build is awful. Anyone taking tumble over smoke screen is just silly. Immune to damage for 3 seconds, breaks all cc's, and drops threat. Smoke screen with lingering fog and Prep with battle scars are by far the best for survivability. An almost full heal and even more smoke screening. You do know about elective mode right? I think devices is the most useless category compared to the other things you can take. How do you kite without a slowing ability or caltrops? Do you ever benefit from steady aim by not being able to kite?. And your cluster arrow is a huge hatred sink that just takes away from your chakram. This might get you through normal or nightmare but in hell and inferno you are going to struggle.
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this what i use and have done well.i mite take out inpale . put in elemant arrow,frost on.and i change 4 boss two

companon two mark of death

smoke screan two vault
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