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How do +experience items work?

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Ok, so I've been trying to figure this out, and it's NOT as obvious as you think it is.

My wiz has a +19% experience ruby in his hat
He has a total of +215 experience per kill combined on every other piece of gear.

Now, when I kill a mob, if all was as transparent as would seem, I should get base xp + 19% + 215. However this is not the case. I do not.

I've experimented and seen random levels of xp gain with my items on and off, and I can't figure it out for the life of me. On my last test, the difference killing a mob fully geared versus naked was only 19%.... nothing from the +215 at all!!!

Does anyone know more technically how this works and how it combines (the percent and the hard number?)

Also I noticed that the item says, pretty simply, that you'll gain the set hard number of experience points per kill. However, if you look at the "details" button that shows your stats and highlight the total +215 at the bottom, the tooltip says you gain UP TO 215 per kill. What's up with that?
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depends what ur level is, a level 60 in act 4 normal wouldnt get 2 extra XP
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I suppose I should clarify that I am level 41, and these tests are being done in act 2 on nightmare.

Still, how WOULD it work if you were a 60 in normal mode, from a technical standpoint?
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if you were 60 lvl you wouldn't get any exp at all as it is max lvl possible and exp bar shows 0/0.

But a topic seem to be worth investigating. Common sense dictates that exp bonus should look like Hearts description: ase xp + 19% + 215.

I think there should be ticket raised for this as it might be an issue.
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Well if its based on anything similar to Diablo 2, then there are a lot of variables you might not be accounting for. In D2, the experience you get is affected by the monster level (mlvl), among other things.

So are you killing the same exact kind of monster in the same exact level?

If you are, then we got a serious question of how it experience is calculated in D3.

If your test conditions aren't rigid, then we won't know how to really answer until they are.
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Yes, same monsters same level etc etc, which is why I've raised the question. Try it for yourself, getting some cheap +xp gear should be pretty easy on the auction house
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I am seeing something very similar in my gameplay. I have one piece of + exp % gear and several + xp set amount gear... I wonder if the % is over ruling the set amount or if it has to do with monster level
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