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My monk gets crushed in INFERNO(HELP!)

05/21/2012 06:19 PMPosted by BugiPL
dude just w8 till pvp comes out (hi im monk, you cant tuch me for more then 6 sec while i do dmg to you i got heal and tons of gap closers and imba crowd control to pwn your face even harder. just give up. Almost forget that you are barbarian and you cant even attack me or even get close due to my awsome skills) and you will find your point in dps monk. 49lvl pure dps monk here (7k hp only) nightmare act 4. All you need is Dashing Strike in the grup of minions falowed by Sweeping Wind and Serenity. now cuple of autos to gain some spirit and when serenity end you can use Seven-Sided Strike(stun rune help a bit until your cd are back again). at this point fight is over probably unless its elite so you just w8 for serenity cd (almost up after seven sided). Congratulations you just ended fight being untouchable 70% of time. GG ahh ye mantra of healing(shild rune) or dodge one. spam if you can every 3 sec to get shild/aditional 15% dodge (Transcendence pasive makes aura spaming a great self heal with no cd;p). Personaly i use dodge but that probably gonna chenge on hell since im working on a bit of vit before it so the shild gonna be imba. srrr for mistakes if i made one my english isnt perfect.

Why are you explaining the game as if you were some sort of gosu, you're 49, you haven't even started the real game yet... so many noobs posting in 'HELP IN INFERNO' threads claiming everything is fine.. this must be the new trend, saying everything is not fine, but dont worry, pvp will fix it.. mkay..
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I remember reading the tips when acts are loading saying something about how melee takes 30%(?) less damage than ranged classes. Couldn't they just implement something like making ranged do 30% less damage to fix the issue?

The problem isn't that ranged needs a nerf because I can't really imagine that all ranged players really find it extremely entertaining that the only way they can play is to fight enemies they can't see since the most common method of demolishing inferno for ranged is just to spam shoot at enemies off the screen since if they're in your FoV, they're close enough to close distance on you in like one attack and one shot you.

The game is broken. It's clear that there was no internal testing done. It's why they said no one in house was able to do anything in Inferno and that no one would clear Inferno.

Sure, people beat the bosses on Inferno already but the bosses aren't the problem.
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Read this guide, OP: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271778796.
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The guide is part of the problem. It's a tl;dr fanboy make a healer/tank hybrid that overgears content guide (that uses the cooldown passive that not everyone is sure is working) in a game that was endlessly advertised to everyone as a tankless, healerless game.

Thus, game that wasn't internally tested is broken while blindly defended by fanboys.
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