Diablo® III

WARNING! Do not get to lvl. 50!*hack exploit*


From Gamespot forums:

Their is a hack out where they can literally log into your characters without using your screen name or password!

All they need is to see your name come up on the little "recent players" screen bottom right corner!

They will then log into you character (while your SCREEN NAME remains offline while COMPLETELY bypassing your authenticator).

Steal every single item you have. Then leave you stark naked and penniless at level 50+.

It does not matter if you have never been hacked, if your 100% secure, and have you computer security tighter then fort knox (noscript, adblocker, flashblock, malware bytes, immunities, and regularly format/update it).

This hack does NOT even need your email. They just need the name and # of your character (easily obtained from recent player menu).

This happen to my level 57 Wizard. It happen to my friends level 52 Barabarian. It happen to my other friends level 54 Barbarian.

All 3 of us have never in any game (including playing WOW for MANY MANY years) had our passwords/account compromised.

When we tried to invite "our" friend to join us. They kept declining invites. We noticed his screen name was offline but his character was online. We contacted him. He tried to log on and it errored him out.

To add insult to injury all 3 of us had authenticators (2 friends had the pay for kind, I had the phone my house kind).

What does Blizzard have to say to this?

Make sure your in the right region. Make sure you secure you password. They can reset it it to two days ago when you were 15+ levels lower and don't have your $900,000 worth of gear you spent hours and hours in the auction house getting to make your DPS 10,000.

This is disgusting and to make matters worse Blizzard is LYING to it's customers and not letting them know about this crazy horrible exploit!!!!!!!!

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/diablo-iii/forum/warning-diablo-3-players-do-not-get-to-level-50-62865117/
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Blizzard so bad.
Your source is a blog post with no vetting. Reported for trolling.
What makes me disappointed is that people think they're going to get a straight answer from tech support monkeys.

They're not going to tell you anything, because if/when there is a severe issue, anything said about it becomes a press release. Tech support monkies don't get to touch stuff like that, so for all intents and purposes, they're useless for anything save solving client-side problems and passing issues along to people that actually matter.
we have a blue post on the hacking. its being investigated.

If what this guy's saying is true blizzard better fix this and FAST!!!!!


omg i don't even want to imagine the !@#$storm and drama.The internet would tremble. O_O
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Hes not trolling but its not totally correct, it has nothing to do with your level and can happen at any level.



Theres the info
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Even Forbes on this mess now!!

a lot of us found out the hard way. and its not lvl 50 only.
@OP, when you can spell properly, then ill take you seriously...I'm level 57 and haven't been hacked.
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Love how the second poster screams troll - but it turns out to now have some vetting happening.

Love it so much.
Really glad I have stuck to playing this game alone or with close friends.... going to keep it that way too.
Even Forbes on this mess now!!


Can anyone read?

All of those articles are using forum posts from players as their sources. Not one of them has any "information" that wasn't farmed from a thread on this board.
What does any of this have to do with being level 50? Did I miss something?
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