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Diablo 3 vs Torchlight 2

Torchlight is nice for single player offline but I enjoy possible future possibilities with Diablo 3 if they can get a menu that let's you pick games you'd like to join.
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Was reading on the TL forum and came across this post and it seemed to fit this discussion and I agree with the poster:

"First of all, some games are better than others. Objectively, you can tell if a game is better than another game especially with regard to your preferences as a gamer. But even then, a well designed game is apparent to those who play them. That said, while one can buy both Diablo 3 and Torchlight as I have, Torchlight 2 is the better game, even in its beta state.

I have reached level 60 in Diablo 3 and currently finishing Inferno. It is boring, tedious and the "difficulty" is artificial. I blame MMOs for convincing people that "farming" is equal to skill. It is NOT. Knowing that you can magic find some items in an area where you can handle the enemies is not a skillful act. Putting in the time to farm is not skillful--it's just another iteration of a Zynga facebook game where you just click stuff to create a sense of accomplishment. To finish Inferno, you have to farm.

Torchlight 2's beta still implies the need to farm to a degree, but it rewards exploration, long-term planning (with the skill and attribute system) and tactical execution. Diablo 3, admittedly, has a great core tactical design. The affixes on elites do challenge the player somewhat on a tactical level--kiting, timing skills against arcane, positioning away from molten/plagued/desecration. But that's it, there is no long term planning to speak of. The game doesn't reward exploration, with a very limited number of events that give fixed and boring rewards (XP or gold). Torchlight gives you item choices along with gold and XP. Special rooms and events are available only if you explore instead of doing a "run." This is vastly more fun that killing the Butcher for the 275th time.

The other merits of the game (No invasive DRM, LAN play, low price point) have been cited many times already. I just cannot believe how many people are claiming that Diablo 3 requires skill--it doesn't. All it requires is time and dedication from the player, which is a lot more like work than a fun game. So yeah"

I personally like the big production feel of diablo, but also can appreciate a game from the company that made diablo 2 what it is today, and that is torchlight :P
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meh neither tbh.i think Grim Dawn will wind up leaving D3 and TL2 in the dust. Pretty impressed from what ive seen so far.
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Not too sure about Grim Dawn: sure, the fact that it's going to be cheaper than D3 and not feature any annoying permanent online requirement is a big plus, but... I dunno, I was watching some gameplay video, and there are so many flashy effects in battle that it's hard to tell what's going on.
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wanted to beleive this OP then saw "well written D3 lore"

and suddenly had diarrhea
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TL1 had some great potential. Unfortunately the devs (and I quote) "ran out of money." Now with TL2 around the corner, I think the ARPG genre has some needed new blood.

I think Diablo is on the right track for skill systems. Once I've settled into some nice gear, most of my time is going to be spent fiddling with different skills. Playing the TL2 beta, I didn't get this. I like to play with my skills and make tweaks, and rerolling from scratch is a bit too steep of a price to pay. But I guess that's one of the things mods are for.

I love playing D3, and after they iron out the kinks, the long game looks to be amazing (and pvp, but that's tbd :P). But moment-to-moment combat of Torchlight gripped me like no game has since TWEWY or Chrono Trigger or Portal or HL2.

Skill System:

Diablo 3 - Able to change on the fly, runes change skills dramatically, no unique snowflakes.

Torchlight 2 - Traditional D2 system, expensive/impossible to change, much more customization.

I disagree. The customization of D3 (especially when pushing into under-geared content) is, well, reliant on gear. The skill/run system has superior customization than skill-tree esque systems like in Torchlight, even if by sheer numbers alone. However, I think the customization in Torchlight is enough that it won't matter. The combat in TL is what pulls me to that game, not the experimentation.
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