Diablo® III

how to beat inferno

this is how you build a good wiz class to beat the game on inferno


magic missle

familiar with ancient guardian this will absorb 1 attack every 6 sec for you just in case you drop below 35 percent life.

diamond skin to with crystal shell - use this to heal it will give you enough time for your regen counter to tick in

magic weapon with blood magic the blood magic so whenever you attack you get life back

energy armor with force armor. this is essential so that you only take 35 percent of your life in damage at any time.

archon because why the hell not.

passive abilities

glass cannon "more damage means more life with a weapon that returns a percent of damage done in life"

galvanizing ward " increases your energy armor time and will heal every second"

unstoppable anomaly for once again just in case you almost die

now for gear focus on intelligence only with very little to no vitallity so that when you hit you heal more life using items that give life back based on a percent of the damage you do and get health regen too.

and as for a follower use the templar with loyalty to also add to the amount of life you recieve back

now lets say you have
5000 health (thats with very little to no vit on all your items) each hit will do about 1750 damage to you thats 35percent
your templar with loyalty and galvanizing ward will give you about 500 back a sec

now all you need is a high dps weapon that has life steal and armor with health regen or +life on hit totaling the other 1250 or more and you will be able to solo inferno

remember if you still get low use a health potion and repeat

you will kill everything before they can hurt you now you may die but im sure you killed some of what killed you now respawn and finish off the rest.

have fun finishing inferno everyone.
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bump for inferno win
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Archon pretty much melts mobs down though and even bosses.. I enjoy it being on my bar especially with 1 or so other players there..
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100 Human Warlock
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archon isn't viable for inferno, especially not soloing it, you're much better off using venom hydra or something of the sort
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Just like everybody else said, Archon simply isn't viable in Inferno the way it currently works. It removes Energy Armor/Diamond Skin and you have to rune for a defensive ability that will only save you once.
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