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unlocking difficulties

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hey guys. Dumb question.

If i join my friends in their game, how will i unlock inferno? In other words, what parts of the singleplayer do i need to play through to qualify a new difficulty unlock?
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i would like to know this as well
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finish normal then go to Nightmare, rinse and repeat.
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play normal to the end to unlock nightmare...
play nightmare to the end to unlock hell...
play hell to the end to unlock inferno...
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I'm going to take two guesses;

1) You have to kill Diablo

2) You have to complete all quests

If the first doesn't apply, then the second should.

Also, just because;

Normal > Nightmare > Hell > Inferno

Edit: What I'm guessing with 1 is, if your friend is in Hell and you're still in normal, they could invite you into a normal Diablo kill, beat him up, and then you unlock Nightmare. Then they could invite you into a Nightmare Diablo, beat him up, and you unlock Hell.

The only problem is that you'll be severely under leveled.
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If you have to ask you dont need to be in inferno!!
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You only have to kill diablo to unlock the next difficulty (like jadefang said)

Also there is a lvl requirement (to go to hell difficulty you need to be 50, i dont know what it is for nightmare)
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i bought a friend Lv4barb to killed the Diablo(normal ) it doesn't unlock the Nightmare for him..
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You require lvl 30 and beat normal to unlock nightmare
Then you require lvl 50 and beat nightmare to unlock hell
Then you require lvl 60 and beat hell to progress to inferno

Or so i believe
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My friend is level 60, has killed Diablo on hell mode before he was 60...still cant do inferno
Is there something he's missing?
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To unlock Nightmare: Level 30, and kill Diablo on Normal.
To unlock Hell: Level 50, and kill Diablo on Nightmare.
To unlock Inferno: Level 60, and kill Diablo on Hell.
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Does "defeat Diablo" mean defeat him(it? :P) in single player, or is it enough to kill Diablo in public game?

Because I have killed every boss (according to achievements) in nightmare diff., but i still can not enter hell public games, (grayed out)....only hell solo game... kinda annoying, because my Demon hunter is lvl.54,5 and the level restriction for joining public games only allows me to do the "prime evil" quest on nightmare... But I wonder what will happen, when I level up to 55, because nightmare public games only allows players of max. lvl 54... So won't I be able to play on any public games then??? Come on Blizzard....
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just kill hell's diablo and reach lv 60, and you will get in to inferno
you don't have to complete the quest
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