i'm playing barbarian since the release of the game

right i now i'm in inferno act 2 and i found some problems with barbarian

yeah he is underpowered, in every stage of the game

from normal act1 to inferno

biggest problem that i found was

"fury" is kind of useless compared to other resources.

when you level up and you got up more than hell difficulty,

barbarian should build up some defensive builds and skills and when you build defensive skills,

you don't have a choice to make you just choose

war cry, ground stomp, revenge, ignore pain, and leap.

all the skill that uses fury is kind of useless, because those skills are not efficient.

it's not dealing significant damage even if you have some high dps weapon.

so for barbarian players especially for higher level players, fury is meaningless resource which you'll never gonna use,

but the biggest problem is when you got in to higher than hell difficulty, barbarian is not tanky enough nor he/she can deals significant damage.

i think, barbarian being underpowered and uselessness of he's resource is related issue.

to solve the problem,

easy solution will be buff some of skills which is use fury,


isn't possible for barbarian has some bonuses when he stacks up fury?
(bonus damage, higher defense/resistance or both)

it can give barbarian players to fight more barbaric and at the same time, they need to make a wise decision because they need to give up the bonuses that retaining fury will might bought to them.

i hope blizzard guys can come up with the solutions that would satisfy all barbarian players.

and other barbarian players please let me know what you guys think about barbarians current status and how he/she should be.
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