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Boon of Protection Hotfix - 5/22

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hmm with boon i was actually able to kind of compete with ranged a tiny bit on some fights now i need to run 3 defensive cds but have no true spirit dump since i guess im kiting in circles for 15 seconds now as a melee? just seems like a stupid nerf to me. i understand the nerf to % but completly removing it >.>

Now increase the number of auction house slots
People have a right to be pissed here.. we spend a lot of time going through acts/difficulties leveling the characters.. so saying that you need more time to judge if a class is imbalanced seems inappropriate when literally the entire community is complaining about how underpowered the monk/barb are in comparison to the other classes..
Thanks guys for responding to the feedback in a short amount of time. One week is pretty impressive. Don't disappoint me tomorrow though!

PS : Tell us you're gonna fix the items soon.
05/22/2012 09:57 PMPosted by Bashiok
All great and dandy but now the Monk class is dead late game until some unknown time... Now what?

We've made a number of class changes (again, intend to post about all of them tomorrow) and we want to monitor how those shake out before we attack any content difficulty changes. Our intent is to get classes a bit more aligned, verify no new issues crop up from these hotfixes, and then considering all the factors we'll look at content. It's not a preferred method of operating, I'd say, but just because the game is so new we don't think quick decisions on overall balance is the right approach when the metagame is still shifting.

Of course, I can understand about some serious class changes and all (Yeah it is a bit OP but it gave us what we needed to actually be able to do something in game besides being a..
05/22/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Whaiyun
punching bag for everyone.
) However singling out the BoP at this moment puts a huge damper on how a monk is able to play in game in this current stage.

I agree the classes aren't very much aligned right now and I DO hope you can get them straight soon as possible. Only issues from this hotfix on the only true scale able skill we do have (until a later time) is you basically killed off the monk class end game. Which now makes thousands of people who play it now not able too. Yes quick irrational changes will throw it out of balance quickly. This one is one of them really...

R.I.P my monk, you shall not be forgotten.
Edited by Churche#1840 on 5/22/2012 10:07 PM PDT

Time to reroll DH or Wiz.
Awesome! Now instead of dying in the usual 1-2 seconds I'll be dead in a half second! How could you guys not see that this ability is currently the ONLY thing holding monks together in Inferno? Instead of making logical changes like letting our "really amazing super heals" SCALE with our gear you'd much rather take away this. Pretty sad IMO. Guess I'll have to find another build with even more defensive CDs. I think I'll just run with my spirit generator and 5 defensive skills. Might live long enough to dent champ pack health bars.
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Will monks actually have a way to survive Inferno now? It's already hard enough with pure resist / vit gear, and now we can't even do this? :\
I like how Breath of Heavens with the buffed healing rune heals me for 3k-3.3k when I have 10k hp. I'm having trouble surviving Act 3 Nightmare because my healing abilities hardly do nothing.

I easily do enough damage, but my survivability is so bad that I basically have to run around when I get to an elite mob and hope I can kill it slowly.

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Any chance of me finishing hell mode just got killed...

Guess I'll have to figure out some other perfect build because apparently all the "endless customization" I can use with my character doesn't mean anything when I'm getting owned by rares and champions.
05/22/2012 10:01 PMPosted by Mythologick
Melee thrives off of Life leech, or at least it did in D2. Life leech is few and far between and as far as I can tell ONLY comes on weapons whereas it could come on rings/ammys/helms/weapons and other things in D2. Would greatly increase melee survivability.

Life leech is only effective at 20% of nominal value in Inferno anyway...
Seriously they should fix monk.. Monk in inferno is .... =.= sum more now it got nerfed.. GG
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Monks hotfixed in to uselessness. No problem, saw it coming and already have a 60 Wizard.
Can I ask a broad question?

I'm never intend to play this game with other people. I'm a solo player. A lone wolf, you might say, if you were the kind of person to have mountain lions on your sweaters.

What's the goal with balance in this game?
So it absorbs 3600 damage? LOL.
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05/22/2012 10:09 PMPosted by Rhodiani
Monks hotfixed in to uselessness. No problem, saw it coming and already have a 60 Wizard.

lcuky u
05/22/2012 10:10 PMPosted by Avatara
So it absorbs 3600 damage? LOL.

3720 to be exact... That was their aim though for the time being...
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