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Boon of Protection Hotfix - 5/22

I'm never intend to play this game with other people. I'm a solo player. A lone wolf, you might say, if you were the kind of person to have mountain lions on your sweaters.

What's the goal with balance in this game?
The goal is to frustrate you so much that you go spend $40 on the Real Money Auction House to buy the best gear you can find so that you can kill bosses.
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05/22/2012 10:04 PMPosted by PolarisIce
People have a right to be pissed here.. we spend a lot of time going through acts/difficulties leveling the characters.. so saying that you need more time to judge if a class is imbalanced seems inappropriate when literally the entire community is complaining about how underpowered the monk/barb are in comparison to the other classes..

Not the entire community, just WoW nubs.
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This is the exact description of the monk class:

Monks’ attacks are primarily melee-focused. They can eliminate single foes with extreme damage, or deliver short-range area-of-effect assaults with waves of elemental power that emanate from palm strikes or crescent kicks.

So what you're saying is that I have extreme damage? Try that on inferno or hell, you do much much less damage than the other classes. The problem is that monks can't take nearly the damage they can deal. So the first thing you do is nerf the already underpowered classes while the ranged classes are all dandy exploiting their skills, and they can beat inferno easily? So what you decide is to completely destroy the only things monks had going for?


Blizzard, you are officially trolls.
There goes my m.find tanking, dammit.

I'm sure I'll find a new way around it :d
I think the Time of Need rune on MoH is actually pretty damn good. Against bosses or elites with plagued, desecrator, arcane, molten etc. Though I'm not completely sure, I think I'll use Time of Need anyway.

What will you guys be swapping to?
I was very excited to play Diablo 3 after many years of waiting. I've played Diablo 2 for years and never got bored of it.
But the "new" Diablo 3 was a total dissapointment for me! Let me explain why:

- oversimplified stat system, the game choses for you
- oversimplified skill system, it's like playing WoW with a diablo UI
- most skillrunes are useless! most of them do almost the same thing as the other or are worse than the first rune you get.
- loot is not rewarding anymore! While I had a full set armor at the end of D2 on normal I only have blues and yellows after D3 on nightmare
- the item system is totaly flawed. There os a simple recipe how to judge items in Diablo 3. "does it have +primary stat and +vit? no? then sell it or break it down at the blacksmith. Does the weapon have more DPS +primary stat? no? then sell it or break it down."
- since every skill depends on weapon dmg and no more on skill level, you are really limited in what kind of builds you can try. In D2 you maybe made 3 sorcerers to try out the different skill builds etc. In Diablo you only chose each class 1x and maybe 1x again for hardcore and there is no replayability for a class.
- Blizzard said that the better loot drops at higher difficulties, but since item stats are so simple you don't feel any urge to grind some more to get better gear. Blizzard screwed the main part of playing an ARPG and that is LOOT! SWEET TASTY PRECIOUS RARE LOOT!
- Blizzard always said that the world is COMPLETELY random! But after playing a witchdoctor through nightmare and a barbarian and sorceres through normal I've notices that the levels are made out of huge chunks that AREN'T random at all. Maybe a rock or a small building is somewhere else, but it feels always like you've seen that before in the exact same way.
- The auction house removes the whole purpose of loot hunting. Why spend 10 hours to farm perfect equipment if you can just buy it with 20'000 gold from the AH? The stuff in the auction house is most of the time 10x better then anything you find so why bother?
- After the real money auction house makes it into the game, the only "really" good items will be sold for real money and the normal AH will be filled with crap while you can't find decent loot normaly
- Legendary Items are way way way way worse than uniques and lost all the interesting "special abilitys" they had in D2
- Short said, all items in Diablo 3 are just plain boring and unimaginitve ....
- Online DRM, Servers go down and you can't play even Singleplayer anymore
- When you play with random people on battlenet, they can hijack your session and clear your account (happened to a friend of mine)
I've never played WoW.. I played D2 extensively for years though.. and you just have to compare with the other classes and see how poorly its built
So i guess its ok that wizards can just power their way through inferno no probs :D
05/22/2012 09:33 PMPosted by Bashiok
but considering the severity of the issue, we felt it important to correct it swiftly.

and considering the severity of the security problem, you felt it not important to correct it at all...
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Doesn't matter, was worthless rune for inferno anyway. Hopefully we'll get a new more useful rune.
GG shipping something that you dont bother to test at all as it seems that beta testing didnt go so well as to catching all of this stuff.. Way to break a class within the first week when wizards are just completely OP as one solo'd diablo inferno.. Do you guys just not test your hardest content? It's seeming your treating it like WoW and just letting the best of the best test it on live servers and fixing it instead of doing it yourself.. Both melee classes are stuck going full defensive builds because of how much you guys probably never tested Inferno.. Going through there in groups makes it easier but saying before release that we'd be able to solo it at some point seems insane for anyone rolling monk or barb as we get the biggest disadvantage from like every insane combo we run into.

Yes lets just completely destroy 1 rune because people found a way to survive in Hell/Inferno.. What else are we suppose to depend on anyways? That answer would be pretty nice to know blizz.. Cause it seems that resists and any of the such dont work very well in Hell/Inferno as even in Act 1 people seem to get 1 shot from terrible luck...

Start testing your games more its been like 12 years and you never caught this within that time its kind of pathetic. We shouldnt have to catch any of this for you. We buy your game to play not to test for you because your probably just sitting around in money counting up all the cash you make from WoW.

Get it together as most of us are getting sick of having to buy a game and get some major unjustifed changes because your being lazy. Where's the money we get for testing for you after the game goes live after 12 years? Thats alot of damn time to find this stuff out and you miss it.

Way to give in to activision blizz makes you look like a real good company and trying to cover up for screwing up your announcements isnt going to make any of us happy with how this has turned out after only 1 week of release..

Start scaling healing and such like its suppose to be or just admit you completely screwed up a whole lot of the 12 years you spent developing the game because now your finding stuff that shouldnt need to be found..

Im playing a melee class to melee..not kite around to avoid getting 1 shot.

Why is it inferno is designed in a way WIZARDS can farm better than melee.

Make Inferno challenging for ALL CLASSES.

Pretty soon, your auction house will be full of wizard hording tons of items, and charging ridiculous amt of gold because only they have the ADVANTAGE of getting them first.

Thank you!
Are you !@#$TING ME? The WZ and DH currently holds higher survivability then the Monk and Barb and you nerf the ONLY viable survival skill for the Monk?

We are already severely underpowered in Inferno with skills that do not scale!
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Wait, so you're going to take it out entirely?

it's basically going to only absorb 1.3k damage now

aka useless
Smoke screen says hi
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Im in hell with a lvl 60 monk near the end and i can say everything dies super easily if you have enough damage. sss hits for like 80to 90k and higher with 8k dps. and wol hit for about 20k for me. so who needs it :P
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Not asking for specifics or a list of sweeping changes, just a simple yes or no...

Do you guys feel there is a discrepancy between melee classes and ranged classes at endgame?

Again, simple yes or no will suffice. Thanks! :)
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