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Boon of Protection Hotfix - 5/22

05/22/2012 09:34 PMPosted by Teelo
Here comes the flood of monk tears. 3.. 2..

My monk, Haydood Wazup, never cries at the whims of the Gods. He merely endures as he would endure a rain.
Blizz if you're looking for a good rune to replace the OPed Boon of Protection I got one. It's good!

Reroll OPed Ranged - You're Mantra of Healing now brings you directly back to the character creation screen. Only the Demon Hunter and Wizard are selectable. Monk, Barb, and Witch Doctor are grayed out to prevent confusion.
For all you idiots saying that there is no loss. get to Inferno and then talk u idiots this is a major loss! Swapping to DH as gear goes across.
05/22/2012 10:09 PMPosted by Rhodiani
Monks hotfixed in to uselessness. No problem, saw it coming and already have a 60 Wizard.

no more force armor though for ya :>
The first of many class nerfs?
Edited by mike#1666 on 5/22/2012 10:19 PM PDT
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Are you !@#$TING ME? The WZ and DH currently holds higher survivability then the Monk and Barb and you nerf the ONLY viable survival skill for the Monk?

We are already severely underpowered in Inferno with skills that do not scale!

I wouldn't rage about it. You know Blizzard does a lot of in house testing - maybe its a hint that you need to try another mantra/rune in inferno to be successful instead of just trying to absorb 15% of your HP every so often
I was barely surviving Hell act 3 with Boon I have no idea how if they remove this..
I think the Time of Need rune on MoH is actually pretty damn good. Against bosses or elites with plagued, desecrator, arcane, molten etc. Though I'm not completely sure, I think I'll use Time of Need anyway.

What will you guys be swapping to?

Honestly, I'm interested in checking out the whole Mantra family. In a way this is good, because I felt a bit tied to it.
Looking forward to this. Time to sleep I guess.
RIP Inferno Monks even more.
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You want us to use real money in the AH don't you Blizzard?

Well played.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
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As a Barbarian player I hope this patch can make us tankable(inferno). I feel kinda useless in multiplayer mode. Thanks
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If you intend on nerfing Force Armor, Or anything els for that matter I hope you intend on reduceing the ludicrous difficulty in inferno mode There is a substanial difference between hard and impossible. This may be all well and good for softcore Players but incase you forgot you also have a hardcore mode and I can safely say that I could not survive period without force armor on Inferno with the champions and uniques add in the fact that I can get a lag spike at any random occasion even with Force armor a single mistake can still Kill you on Hardcore and I have heard people whineing that this needs a nerf I find myself in disagreement If you nerf a game you need to take all game modes and all difficulty modes into account Not just Normal and nightmare or softcore.
It sounds familiar.... Like they keep nerfing some certain classes while continuing to buff Mages. Yep Yep. ;)

thanks, monk is too easy imo.

Who the !@#$ cares about Hell?!??!?!?!
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