Diablo® III

Level 51 need item advice.

Just wondering what I should look for in items on the AH. Want to get ready for Hell difficulty and have saved up a bit of gold for it.

Any advice? :)
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Purchase 2 1H xbows with socket slots and high dexterity and vitality. For your armor, do the same and get gear with high dexterity and vitality.
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Isn't 2H xbow + quiver better then 2x1h xbow? High Dexterity and Vitality, got it.
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How about intellegence?
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does intellegence even do anything for DH?
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No intelligence doesnt really do anything for a demon hunter so i wouldnt worry about that. You want to look for a weapon with high dex and high attack speed percentage. 2 1h xbows are much better than a 2h xbow cause they have faster attack speed..faster attack speed=higher dps. and if your using a bow its the same thing..find a quiver with dex and asp. vitality is important but dont focus on it to much..especially on your weapon. DPS!!
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05/31/2012 08:26 AMPosted by etherich
2 1h xbows are much better than a 2h xbow cause they have faster attack speed..faster attack speed=higher dps

Err...no, DPS is DPS, the faster attack speed of 1H Xbows is factored into their DPS.

I'm only in A4 hell, but I much prefer a 2H xbow because it lets me get huge initial burst with sharpshooter, and that seems to be the consensus among DHs in inferno as well.

As far as items to go for, weapon is by FAR the most important slot to upgrade. Adding 50 dex comes out to about a 1k DPS increase (with sharpshooter up, I didn't check without it), whereas an extra 300 weapon DPS was a 10k DPS increase w/sharpshooter. The way to get the best weapons for mid 50s is to search for level 60 weapons with lowered level reqs. I was able to find a ~600 DPS xbow with a level 55 req this way, for ~30k gold. By contrast, the best rare xbow that had a base level 55 req was ~470 DPS, and cost 3 million.
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Seriously all the advice I have is get comfortable with your build, try to keep it consistent because this is where you'll get some more training you need to play even better and if you constantly vary things it will make your late Hell/cusp of Inferno experience that much harder.

Another thing to consider is if there's a skill you know you're going to use in the end game but you've not been using it because you don't have any decent runes for it yet, use that skill's "stupid version" anyway because you'll unlock all the runes soon enough and you want to be practiced before that happens. It's like a weighted chain shackled around your waist comes off all of a sudden.

It seems in Act I of hell, having about 7000-7500 DPS would have made things stupid easy. I... did not have that, in fact I came in right at 4000 DPS and managed somehow, but I don't remember what I had coming out, I did get one upgraded bow and a couple of helpful armor pieces in there.
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I have that skill written by stephen spielburg
its called "when ferrets attack part II"
I unlocked it at lvl 46. They one hit everything
and like shiney things.
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I used two 1 handed xbows until hell mid act 1 or 2 and then after asking around, decided to give 2h xbow a try and my dps was multipled by 5 times, but maybe thats due to a pretty good xbow i got. If you have a decent damage 2h xbow and it has more damage than your 1h xbows, i really do suggest switching as you will probably end up kiting !@#$ anyway and having higher dmg when you make those few shots will be alot more worth it.
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