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Suicide Bomber Build (tested in Hell)

I am having a lot of fun being a burst damage suicide bomber in Hell. I play with my bf monk exclusively since launch so I have no experience with my suicide build solo or in Inferno.

Here is the link to the Hell build:


I'm level 55 in mostly yellows except for blue damage rings. 6400 DPS unbuffed.


With the spec I have 4 zombie dogs at the ready. When the monk pulls, I dash in, soul harvest, dash out and depending on the difficulty of the mobs I may simply firebomb and use bears but that's a no brainer. The dogs die easily so use your best judgement on if the pull will not kill them. If it might, go ahead and blow them up. I rather blow the dogs up and refresh my cool down than go into the next pull with 1-2 dogs.

On difficult pulls, I dash in and grab soul harvest (with it lasting a full minute I seldom have to) and I detonate the 4 dogs. Usually at least 2-3 respawn and I detonate those. Keep detonating until there are no longer any dogs available. That is when I detonate myself as a chicken and respawn the 4 dogs and spam detonate until none respawn. You should have exploded a total amount of around 12-14 (maybe more if lucky) dogs at this point in the first few seconds of the pull.

By this time, you use your bears until the mana is dry and turn to firebomb until angry chicken is available. The only time you would still be fighting at this point would be a boss battle and then it is simply waiting for cool downs and switching between firebombs (fast bouncing between targets creates wicked AOE) and bears while you wait.

My monk partner during all this time is tanking in the mob's face and soaking up all those health pots the spam of dogs left.

With the insane burst damage of blowing up on average 12-14 dogs at 275% damage each in the first few seconds of any pull very few things are left standing especially with 5 stacks of soul harvest to boot. Those that are take a chicken and bears to the face.

TLDR: Me and my monk partner are enjoying my suicide bomber build.

I have no doubt there are better builds out there. I just enjoy trying something vastly different than spreadsheet builds and if it works, it works and if it's fun as well that makes it that much better.
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You're not going to be popular around here. If you don't run something that doesn't involve constant death you are wrong and Witch Doctor is broken/underpowered/whine.

That said I think this is awesome. XD I wouldn't enjoy spending the gold on it.
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An alternative is to use Provoke the Pack preferably with both Grave Injustice (lowers Zombie Dog cooldown in anticipation for your the next pull) and Zombie Handler. Pierce the Veil is a good alternative if you use a two-hand weapon, Circle of Life is nice if you skip Grave Injustice. Other possible backup skills include Confusion:Devolution, Fetish Army:Fetish Ambush and Big Bad Voodoo: Slam Dance, Rain Dance or Boogie Man. Spirit Walk may help you position better. Plague of Toads: Toad Affinity/Poison Darts:Splinters can be used as primaries. The Provoke the Pack route basically gives you +40% damage, higher if your zombie dog spawning skills proc. Once you start using bears, depending on your gear you may see as high as 70k+ crits. If you're not crit-geared though Next of Kin works fine.

Happy hunting.
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I'm lvl 46 in act 3 nightmare (I got like 2-3 levels in less than 1 hour yesterday). and I'm BREEZING through nightmare... sooo easy it is almost boring :( I'm looking forward to test my Suicide Bomber build on hell cuz I need some challenge

The key to this? GO TO THE AUCTION HOUSE!!!!!!!

Every time you clear an 1 or 2 acts early game (normal/nightmare/hell) go to the auction house and all you problems are solved.

I went my first time when I had 3k gold (lvl 11), and bought stuff for 500g a piece. My current weapon is a rare weapon with 120 AD+socket (square ruby)+a TON of intelligence, some vitality and some other cool stuff. It only costed me 3000 gold YEA 3000 gold. You can buy GREAT equipment for about 5k a piece. I bought some runes as well... like 5-6 square topaces and a couple of rubies (weapon and helm). About 3k a piece.

I have 7k HP, 2000 UNBUFFED damage (it oscilates between 2800-3500 when I'm playing). My only issue is that I have to completely change my build vs FINAL ACT BOSSES, since final act bosses don't have "spawns" it takes a long time to kill them with this build. I just get some DOT/spirit base build and beat them then go back to my mob whopping build

For those interested I'm posting 3 versions of my builds... You can start using it AT EARLY AS LVL 25!!!!!

I'll post the lvl 25 version, my current version (lvl 39) and my maxed version (lvl 53).

Lvl 25 Version

Lvl 39 version

Lvl 53 version (my goal, not tested)

And this is how you play, I'll make a video to show my progression on act 4 nightmare tonight.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149147275?page=3 (text explaination)
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You should use mass confusion with devolution rune(50% call your dog on enemy) + Circle of life
I use the same build and here is my strategy
cast 4 dog-->detonate and most of the time 1-4 dogs revive--->detonate again until there is no dog left--->use mass confusion then kill enemy--> dogs reappear
if you lucky circle of life might help you to summon some dogs
last but not least: grave injustice
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