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HOW CAN I GET THIS ITEM ???? I have tried 0/26 to find the alchemist. been trying both caves and have not seen.


Any idea what i am doing wrong? Have not seen mobs there either
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Start act 2 at Blood and Sand.

TP to path to the oasis.

Run east, then down the south path.

If he's there, win, if not reset and try again.
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this guy drops one of the 4 items for cow lvl. i have run to him many times. only found him 1/35 times. can i be in nightmare difficulty? do i need to search anywhere but the start of the quest ?
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Whoa I was totally unaware of this. Just Googled it.

Is there anything special about doing this secret area?
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i made a vid
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There is no cow level. And holy cow you didn't get it after 26 times? Keep trying. I ran and reran this. I made roughly 80 attempts to find the merchant. I fount him 6 times, and out of those 6 times only once did the actual chest that contained the item spawn.

Diablo is a game of farming, get used to it. 26 runs is nothing.
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Yes, on the path to the Oasis in the quest mentioned above. Go right just a little right after you enter to a little watery looking inlet.. If there are some ghostly looking creatures in there to fight, then the alchemist is usually standing in front of a door with his head bowed down. Once you kill these creatures, he raises his head and you can talk to him and he will open the door for you. Like mentioned above, the chest isn't always in there... I had to run it several times, the alchemist showed 3 times, on the 1st two tries the chest with the liquid rainbow wasn't there. One 3rd try that had alchemist present, the chest appeared and I got it... Probably ran a total of 20 times to get it and I ran this on Nightmare level, but you can run it in Normal if you want.
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I got the merchand AND the color rainbow on my first try.
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Just wondering, is there a better chance to get this on Nm or hell, or would it be fast to power through on normal?
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got mine on my first try 2 nites ago, but what do i do with the rainbow pot? who do i see? im still to face zultan kuille..
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05/23/2012 10:24 PMPosted by Anok
Just wondering, is there a better chance to get this on Nm or hell, or would it be fast to power through on normal?

I just ran it through normal, used sprint/leap on my barb to get through it as fast as possible. Took me several runs but eventually got it. The chest is called "Mysterious Chest" and it was a resplendant chest for me.
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I've ran it about 100 times and got the alchemist half a dozen times but still haven't got the mysterious chest...plenty of rare items but not what I'm after :( Get's very frustrating I can tell you. I'll keep trying tho until I get completey sick of it, spit the dummy and delete the game :p
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I farm this on nm. It took me about 2 hours to farm all the components, with the exception of the recipe. I didn't start farming the items until the recipe drop for me (the recipe and the items drop in night mare, so you don't have to do normal runs).

The easiest way is to just check the first south path and then restart the game.
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