Diablo® III

Rate my Build :D Pure DPS build.

Here is my skill build:


I am currently at 18k DPS, 2.76 attack per seconds and 24k HP.

The goal of my build is to be pure DPS and dispatch as many enemies in the less ammount of time possible.

Here is what I do:

First, I always keep a Breath of Heaven buff on me. ALWAYS (Except when im not fighting for 40+ seconds :P).
I have high attack speed to gain as many spirit point as fast as possible. Why? To keep Mantra of Conviction [Overawe] up 100% of the fights. Without attacking that fast, I wouldn't be able to regenerate my spirit fast enough. At my current attack speed, I can fulfill my Spirit before Mantra of Conviction runs out. So, I always remains at 100% spirit throughout the fight, keeping extra Spirit to heal myself, become invincible and spam mantra in case of Healing need (With the help of Transcendence).

Transcendence is here to Heal me (Duh), Seize the Initiative because you can't live without this and Combination Strike.

Yes, Combination strike. Why? Simply because I use three of the four spirit generation moves at all time. Which gives me an extra 24% on my DPS stat. In other words, this is an AMAZING passive if you use it right.

Lets do some basic maths.

Base DPS: 18 253
+Breath of Heaven [Blazing Wrath] = 20 229
+Crippling Wave [Breaking Wave] = 23 090
+Deadly Reach [Foresight] = 27 246
+ Mantra of Conviction [Overawe] = 40 324 DPS

So, when I am fighting, I am actually outputting 40 324 DPS. Quite an amazing amount if you ask me :P
Now, how to I survive? Attack Speed + Incredible damage + Serenity

Being invincible for three seconds, when outputting 40 324 Damage Per Seconds (Without the Critical Hits +70% dmg) is more than enough to dispatch a group of ennemy.
Breath of Heaven allows me to fight for 5 seconds before being dangerously low on health, use serenity (get healed) do another 3 seconds of damage.

If the monster ever survived this, back off, use Deadly Reach to poke them, wait for either Breath or Serenity to recover, and hit in the pack again.

PS: In case you wonder why I use Fists of Thunder[Thunderclap], well it is simple. Teleporting on enemy is awesome. Saves distance, saves useless ranged damage and may prevent yourself from dieing of a mortar, fire, poison pud, ETC. Furthermore, its a part of my "Combination Strike" technique, giving me a 8% more damage.
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Whoa, nice, I like the (Crippling Wave + Deadly Reach + Fist of Thunder) at the same time build...

Hey can you please tell me your stats? STR, VIT, DEX, INT, Armor and DPS without buffs?

Also, what kind of gear do you have :P?
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I like the idea of outbursting my enemys instead of tank'n'spanking them to death.
But the big question is:
Are you doing well in inferno with this?
In which act do you farm without big problems?
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Are you doing well in inferno with this?
In which act do you farm without big problems?

All of these things.
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Are you doing well in inferno with this?
In which act do you farm without big problems?

All of these things.

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ive actually been working on something very similar. except i had sweeping wind instead of the third spirit gen, where, fully stacked does 60% weapon dps. i still need way better gear for it though. props dude
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I don't understand the build.

Seems it would be awkward fitting in all your spirit generating abilities in any given fighting scenario, and even moreso to keep the buffs up on all those runes.

And what's the point of going for Transcendence when you know you'll only be using two spirit dependent abilities, that actually barely even use any spirit ?

It just seems to me like there's so many kiting required in higher difficulty, I can't possibly imagine you'd be able to keep those buffs up. Especially how two of them require 3 hits prior. So if you DO get the buffs up, you'd most likely be at a point where you need to back off, thus completely voiding those real short duration dps buffs.

You seem to have missed the part where he's spamming Mantra of Conviction, not just leaving it on. That's where the healing from Transcendence comes in. The damage buff of Deadly Reach lasts a full 30 seconds, so it wouldn't be too hard to keep up and could even see some real benefit.

For the most part I agree with you though. While on paper his dps becomes very good, there aren't too many scenarios where I think you could see the full benefit of this build.

I still might try something like it out though.
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How do you gem in this build?
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Serenity:Ascension should give you more time to pew pew thing with your DPS, no?
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To asnwer the previous questions: This is where Attack Speed is your friend :D

I am doing 2.76 attack per second, I don't know if you catch how fast that is. It basically means that I can do all three attacks, (keeping the Three buff) in one seconds. So, there I have absolutely no trouble benefiting of the three buff that comes with each spirit generation ability.

Here are my stats:
Str: 337
Int: 108
Vitality: 777
HP: 27471
Armor: 3665

I am currently at 13326.40 DPS unbuffed.
2.76 attack speed.

ALL the gems I have in my armor are Emerald. Why? Simply because it gives: DPS, Protection (Seize the Iniative) and dodge ratio, which is awesome :D

I currently have 41.8% Dodge and about 120 resist in all (I know this is really little for Inferno, currently doing purchases to increase that up by a bunch).

I have found out that Transcendence doesn't help a lot in Inferno, its more of a Norm-Hell thing. Switched it to Path of Guardian for an extra, and lovely, 15% dodge boost.

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Serenity:Ascension should give you more time to pew pew thing with your DPS, no?

I have thought about, however, I've found out that this extra one seconds is better spent has a emergency heal. Might reconsider testing it.

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Lol dps build with no sweeping winds
100% armor passive, really? Lol @ no guiding light
You do realize you can drop 1 combo skill for palm strike to increase dmg by 12% and have that at a 100% uptime also.

i realize 1 more combo is 8% and crippling is 10% for 18%, but palm is 12% and u can have sweeping wind with blade storm for 60% of your dmg per sec, that is far greater dmg bro
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Sweeping Winds ain't doing shiz for my build, its either I kill the stuff in front of me in less than 6 seconds, or I die. And its moslty the first case happening even in Inferno. Sweeping wind couldn't input a sufficient amount of damage to consider removing one of the 8% attack boost.

Palm strike ain't bad. Except that it is targeted to one enemy only. I prefer to be able to damage all the enemies at the same time using crippling wave as main attack.

Guiding Light does nothing if you solo.
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But palm exploded enemy is AOE damage, amirite? nevertheless, this build seems interesting, cant wait to try it ;)
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