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Monks can be really fun to play.

Now, I say that with absolutely no trepidation. I will not address the issues surrounding Inferno. I am not as of yet geared for it, but am working towards it. I am in Act I and working up gear, especially as it pertains to resists.

That having been said, the extreme trashing of the class on these forums gets fairly annoying. So I want to take a detour off that(ya, good luck right?) and simply talk about whats fun about the class especially as it pertains to my playstyle. First, the build:


Second, the stats...

Armor mit 53.07%
Dodge 31.45%
HP 15711
Damage 12713.13

As you can see.. i'm probably not doing Inferno for a bit and i'm cool with that. That having been said, I absolutely destroy anything else.

Third, how it works...

This is a very spirit regen heavy build. With fists/helm spirit regen and a templar out, you're rocking 10 spirit a second, not including if you can keep SW at max. My Attacks per second is 2.2. As you roll up on a set of mobs you throw up Sweeping Wind and start laying out Crippling Waves. Serenity and Blinding are obviously the oops keys.

Mantra of Healing - This has gotten a bit of a bad wrap due to the broken rune. And trust me, the rune was broken. When I could oneshot hell bosses without ever taking damage(Absorb Absorb Absorb), it was broken. If you used this, what you did was spam it. For what its actually used for, this can actually be quite bad and you'll find yourself constantly frustrated concerning spirit. I usually try to drop it just after I take some damage, or to heal myself up to full. But I try never to spam it or you'll be wasting quite a bit of spirit and you no longer have the nifty rune to save you.

Rolling trash is pretty self explanatory. If it doesn't have a green puddle or explosions of doom, just hogroll through it. If you see a bigger mob that usually has a single point smash, blind it.

If you even sniff a pack rolling up on you.. when they get to you drop serenity and start laying into one/more of them. This is where the DPS comes in handy. If you want to deal with packs efficiently, you need to put as big a hole in one/more of them as you can. As your invul runs out, I often drop Blinding Flash and then Dashing Strike to get out of dodge and drop a heal to make sure I get back to full.

I do not tend to kite. I have no qualms, however, about backing out as needed. You simply cannot stand there and lay into them until they drop. Stuff with AE will kill you. But if you do back out you can heal. They'll come to you.. try to get some hits in quick and back out. Heal. If blinding flash is up, drop one and get some hits in, back out. Heal. If the mobs are spread out, you can often dashing strike to another, get some hits in. Back out. Heal. If they're standing in fire, while you were doing thsi serenity came back up. Dash in, lay into the mob until serenity is about to fall, dash out, heal. If there is a vortex, try to time Dashing for when it lands, and get out of range, heal. What you should not do is kite all over hells half acre while you wait for cooldowns(allthough thats probably acceptable if in Inferno). If you see laser beams start to form, move the fight to just out of range so that they have to reset. If you see frost mines, try to be in a gap. If you can't help it, time Dash to just as they go off and you'll break it.

I call it a rolling fistfight and what I just wrote there is fast, is constant, and you'd be surprised how much more fun the monk class becomes doing it. You also must be on your toes all times and ready to serenity at a moments notice. When I play this way, I have quite a bit of fun and the class Feels Right. At points it becomes controlled chaos and the fight may be going multiple places around the area as needed. But it is definately not boring, it is not stand there and simply ride the snowplow absorbing any and all damage. To heal effectively for mass damage you must move to get out of it and heal immediately to offlay the effects. Positioning on a lot of mobs(fire beneath the feet comes to mind) is important as you try to get licks in without standing it it. Often you can freeze a mob with blind long enough to land some stuff. And landing stuff gets you spirit and keeps sweeping wind up for when you can serenity in for a little up close and personal.

Anyways, long story short... I don't like finesse and this is anything but. I view the class as a melee that can land large amounts of damage for short periods of time when up close, but needs to be nimble enough to back out and heal as needed. And if you play it that way, I don't see how you don't find the fun. Inferno is another story entirely, and until you get gear its going to be hell on wheels.
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I can't tell if you're doing inferno or not. Please be more clear.
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