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starting out i was just as depressed as every other barb gettin 2-3 shot. messed around with builds and learned to be patient and finished it in about 2 1/2 hours. Killed Belial with 5 NV stacks too. My stats are:

792 dmg 1 hand spear, and shield

30k life (Belial's missiles 1 shot me hitting for 33k), 7.5k armor, 20k dmg, and 450 resists with war cry (impunity rune)

I am not heavily geared but it is pretty standard things you can farm from act 1.

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I can post build if needed, its pretty similar to many other barbs in Act 2. Had Absolutely no fury spenders.
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So post the build :p
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Pretty much Ignore Pain is the main aspect of the build. I popped it on some whites when the mob was big enough, and definitely needed for Elites. Only used WotB on Elites, got them pretty low before Ignore Pain ran out. Just waited for it to be up again to finish them off. I only avoided about 3 elites due to Champions and Yellows spawning SO close to each other it was ridiculous. Act 2 is definitely doable, but it takes a while i might add...
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nice nice grats. I tried act 2 yesterday and...failed
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This is nightmare right, this build is really nothing groundbreaking. At this point its just about gear. I was doing Belial with a nice 2h (850) build to handle adds but I couldn't get past his 2nd phase. I may try again some days later but I, like many other Barbs are just to unmotivated at this point.
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No. It is INFERNO. I died to Belial plenty of times. Used leap to dodge melee's that came to close to me and SAVED ignore pain for when he shot missiles everywhere. If i managed to get hit by one, I was dead. And his melee took me down to 10k hp where I potted and picked up any health globes lying around. It was an annoying fight, and the build, as I've stated, is pretty similar to other Barbs. My point is that ACT 2 IS DOABLE.
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And my gear is nothing Act 1 Inferno can't deliver.
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