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I don't know how people can consistently...

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...Kill elites in inferno.

I was doing okay in the first 1-3 parts of inferno, then got in over my head.

So I upgraded.

24k HP
15k DPS
505 All Resist
45% dodge

Doesn't matter though. Any kind of enemy that isn't a skeleton will just surround you and then molten/plague/desecrate/firechain you down in moments regardless of your defense. Even if I try to kite them and not let them get near me, you run into ANYTHING that has jailer/vortex/waller and it's insta-death.

I'm trying to follow different guides and builds saying stuff like: "To farm act 1 just get a good 25k HP and 300-400 resist with a decent weapon(s) and you should be fine" and yet more than that doesn't even come close to cutting it.

Is it normal that the last 4 elite(s) I ran into were:

Invulnerable Minions Arcane Molten Desecrate Leaper
Invulnerable Minions Desecrate Jailer Frozen Fast Leaper
Vortez Jailer Waller Arcane Tree
Invulnerable Minions Jailer Waller Vortex Leaper

I never saw anything like these combos in hell mode and I'm now curious whether these kinds of combo only show up in inferno, and if a lot of them I should just walk around?
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Invulnerable Minions Arcane Molten Desecrate Leaper
Invulnerable Minions Desecrate Jailer Frozen Fast Leaper
Vortez Jailer Waller Arcane Tree
Invulnerable Minions Jailer Waller Vortex Leaper

That would be your issue. This affix is easily the hardest in the game for monks. That is extremely unlikely and I wouldn't worry yourself about it. I used to skip Invuln minions all the time in Act1 farming and I would recommend you do the same.

The third pack is ALSO super hard because those all synergize with each other.

Roll easier packs ftw :)
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Yep, Invulvn is a tragedy. The third pack is doable if you are able to always save serenity, but don't sweat it.
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The Invulnerable minions can be easy as long as you use your surroundings.

Find a choke point or 2. The more the better. Run from one point to the next and stand there only fighting 1 maybe 2 guys at a time while the others build up behind.

When they drop the frozen's and arcanes try to stay as long as you can. If CD's are up use them to avoid the damage but stay there. If they are down, run to the next choke and heal and fight more until CD's are back up.

Rinse and repeat.

Hardest guys i find are the damage reflect with anything. Cause as your killing them and trying to heal your killing yourself. BAHH hate! the reflect guys.

I do 19k damage and its a pain. lol

Edit: last thing, i use LTK with sweeping armada. This helps knock away the minions and slowing them down to buy me more time for CD's and to mitigate their damage against me.

My Inferno Act 1/2 build
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Okay that makes me feel a bit better. I was worried that i had those stats and was still getting absolutely rolled. I'll keep trying and see if easier combos are actually easier, or if it is in fact me.
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I'm at 30k health, 900 resist, and 5600 armor, and fire chains and molten still wreck me. They will wreck you at any stat level. Fire does boatloads of damage. Bottom line. Avoid them. They are death to Monks.
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Chains do a ton of damage but can be avoided through choke points and knockback.

They circle you thus you kick them where you want them to go and you kick them far enough away to break chains.

LTK:SA is a huge savior for me solo.

In a group i drop it for SSS:FO or SW:BS for more damage.
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I have posted a few videos on how to kill elites in Inferno, and I'd say a couple of things.

First off: stack resists until the world ends. The more the better. If you have a ton of damage mitigation, you WILL live longe.r

Second: Have a skill that allows you to manipulate your position easily. Or better yet, have a skill that allows you to manipulate the monsters' position easily. My solution: lashing tail kick rune with Sweeping Armada. When I get surrounded (think fire chains scenario), I push everything away then start slamming on one dude. Rinse and repeat.

I also suggest life on hit if you have money.

Last thing: AVOID STUFF like desecration.
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It's probably your gear that's the issue. I'm still in hell and am sitting on these:

20k hp
~500 resist
4k armor
16.5k dps
50% dodge
~55% mitigation total

Just need to farm up the lower acts a little more and get that extra resist/dps items. Could probably go for more hp as well, as I've heard inferno hits like a truck.
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Don't get surrounded. Lashing Tail and Dashing strike are amazing for controlling your exposure to damage.
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That's wrong. You barely need any resist for act 1 Inferno. All you need is DPS and attack speed rings. Get to 8-10k dps more the better. Try to have around 25-30k hp.

The lvl 53 attack speed + dex rings are only 15k. Try it out~

Atm I'm in Act 2 with.

40k hp (Earth Ally)
20k dps (Healing Attack Buff)
200-250 in every resist. (give or take some XD)
6k Armor (Passive + Evasion Mantra Bonus)
52% dodge (When Mantra is Active 59%)
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