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300k+ dps, +Spec and Farming Suggestions

Of course with Sharpshooter, Archery and Steady Aim. So its simply abit of epeen :)


Was able to get through Act 1 inferno fast, due to some good teamwork, and a lucky Hellrack Drop.
Died a trillion times in Act 2 but managed to push on.
Belial dropped me a crazy 1k dps xbow, on my first solo down.
This Xbow carried me through Act 3-4 in which i was able to farm gear for our barb and monk.

Now i am farming Inferno Cow Levels with a Witch Doctor and are able to progress and kill all elite mobs inside, minus the crazy combos of course :)

This is my build for the cow level, Caldrops for me is absolute requirement, it just delays charging ponies for that 1/2 second if u stand in middle or behind trap allowing you to use SS and run.

Tactical Advantage is a absolute must to cover some distance between yourself and the MOB, when in a team you can switch the hatred regen or valley of death rune on your Mark for Death


But if you have a group of friends that know what they are doing, we found farming the Acts 4 man, with Neph Stacks and Major Bosses always drop 3+ rares to be the best farm. Each run of Act 3 starting from Just after gatekeeper to Asmo, nets us 10+ rares. The best thing is for you to all ID and exchange gear for each other when it is a upgrade then sell the rest. That means as a Team you can get up to 40+ rares! Remember to rotate CDs and find synergy with each other! Ontop of that one slip up from yourself doesnt mean the elites will full heal, and to us thats the ultimate benefit of working in a team.

Anyways be glad to help with other questions! Going to catch some ZZZZ for now, hope you all have some good luck on ur rolls!
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I want to be your friend
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What's your opinion on gatekeeper/Asmo runs vs inferno cow lvl if you don't mind me asking in terms of speed/difficulty and drops in your common exp?
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Can you tell us which armor pieces you have? I know a few like Boj anglers and Andariels, but was wondering about the rest.
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Gatekeeper/Asmo runs to me is only more beneficial when you are in a larger group. The reason is, you simply die to everything in there if you are forced to run first. But if there is a Monk or Barb infront of you sufficiently geared they can tank the hit and allows you to prepare behind them and tell you if your off screen NTs are hitting or not.

The real scary mobs are those fricken spear throwers, and with my high latency, sometimes pushing SS just doesnt do anything!

Cow level is better for Solo or Duo if you can do it, reason behind that is, even a really well geared melee cant tank a single hit even from the normal pony mobs, and the most important thing you should learn in there is how to kite around the ponds, and form a circle, either a smaller one for mobs without plague, desecrate or a larger one with it. It is also much much easier if your entire team runs in the same direction. Nothing is worse then kiting in a circle and finding a mob coming from the other side! That is why it is easier to organise a duo rather then 4 man in Pony level.

But the major advantage of soloing Pony level for a DH is that the mobs are all melee mobs, minus elites, and that makes it much much easier for a solo DH that will get 1 shotted.

Hope ive helped!

Edit* in terms of drops, group Asmo runs drop higher *quantities* of rares, whilst Inferno Cow *tended* to drop better quality rares, but much less.
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Hey My Chest Piece is a Beckon Sails, Vile Ward for the shoulders (stat isnt the best, but they just look so darn sexy with Visage). Blackthorn Breeches which i found in Act 4, Lacuni Prowlers cheap Atk speed and Movement Speed Bracers. I have visage and Boj Anglers (which i picked up for 18k for a 100 dex 40 vit one that actually worked!) The benefits of Boj Anglers and Lacuni Prowlers even though they are *generally* low stat and low level items, they provide you with movement speed and atk speed, allowing for greater distances between kiting phases, and allowing u to throw more NT behind u off screen before the mobs appear. Rings and Amulets are your typical Dex, Crit Dmg, Atk Speed.
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Can you show an image of your gear?
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Sorry, ill try get it done tomorrow, just on the laptop in bed atm.
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how much DPS does your crossbow do?
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Also two more recommendation i have is for DH
1. try and Aim to have higher then 24k HP. Reason behind that is it allows you to survive that first tick of desecrate and that 1 lightning. Nothing is worse then almost killing that annoying elite then having that one random lightning touch you and you implode. I found with around 24k hp i was NOT able to survive a direct hit, but things like lightning and desecrate i was able to survive when i zoned out.

2. For reflect mobs, i picked up two 1h crossbow from the AH, now these have to be sorta specific, but i found with 2x 1h Crossbow around 500 dps range, with Life ON Hit of around 500+ i am able to just hold down my mouse button for both Hungering and NT and not die. Any higher dps and the life steal just cant keep up.
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My crossbow is 1.5k dps, with no stats, IAS + 20% and a socket.
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You took a 14 minute nap?
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I figured as much... Damn, you're really rich. Everything costs over 10m up until 1.28k DPS on a crossbow, and even that's 8.15m
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Alright, would be awesome to see your gear. I currently do 123k dps on my DH and I would love to see where to improve. Stormahawk#1947 if you wanna add me to friends.
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Thanks for the tips. I was wondering where you are on your stats?

I currently do 28.5k dps w/o sharpshooter and 71.4k dps with sharpshooter.
I have 1837 Dex and a base 8% crit chance and 188% crit dmg.

How does this compare to what your holding? I just feel I hit a plateau and I'm not sure what I need to be looking for in items to progress further.
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Show a picture of your non sharpshooter dps.

I got to over 200k DPS w/ shartpshooter but then retooled a lot of my equips. The result was lower sharpshooter dps, but higher nonsharpshooter dps (as sharpshooter will just show stratospheric dps if you max +crit damage) despite having low crit...
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I'm wondering because I have like 600 more dex and I have far less sharpshooter dps.

My non sharpshooter dps is 105K though.
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Jeez, I'm at 40k dps and I thought I was hot !@#$ ^^ Do you guys all just build as glass cannons?
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raserei what is your hp/armor/dodge?

27k/2300/43% over here...
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