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Stacking too much attack speed creates lag

So I've got quite alot of attack speed on my gear, and ever since I use all of it, I keep lagging ( teleporting back to my orignal place right b4 I cast my spell). It's quite annoying when I try to kite, attack move back, attack move back, but then it keeps teleporting me back as if I didn't walk at all. It seems that the server isn't capable to catch up or something. Its the same type of teleporting back when you play single player and walk, open game menu and exit it quickly and you'll see yourself teleport back.

I tried removing my attack speed gear and I didn't get anymore of that teleport sort of lag. Please look into this because it makes the game unplayable with alot of attack speed.
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I added a video showing the steps and how it works


Please Blizzard look at this!

Attack speed goes up, lag appears
Attack speed goes down, no lag at all.
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Got the exact same issue. And i guess there is no other solution than stand lower than 3attacks per second.
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When my latency is around 150ms I was getting the same thing. Not sure if it was attack speed related, but very well could have been. happens often enough to notice and get me killed on champions in inferno act II & III because of it.
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