Diablo® III

Need new computer for D3. Need some advice.

Hi, Ill start by saying I live in Canada and I cant buy anything online. I was wondering if anyone knew where a good place to buy a new PC, and what I should look for. I have about $600 for this computer. Thanks in advance.
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How come you can't buy anything online, out of curiosity?
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I'm 18 I don't have a job yet and no credit card :p and my dad doesn't think buying stuff online is a good idea.

I take it that buying online is the best option?
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Yes. Really.

The usual big name shops will only either sell severely underpowered PCs, or exorbitantly overpriced PCs.
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Well that's unfortunate... I guess I'm kinda SoL then.

Edit:What's your opinion on these computers?


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Both are pretty terrible for the price.

First one comes with weak graphics card, second uses integrated Intel graphics.
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Shows how much I know, I thought they were good :p

Thanks for the help.

Edit: Sorry for another question, but I was just looking around and saw this computer, would it be good to get that + a video card?

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Id say no on that one. You can get a prepaid card at the bank, which I believe you can use just like a credit card.


^-- best place to find yourself a cheap and very reliable computer.


^-- if your looking for benchmarks on different components (cpu, gpu, whatnot)

Trust me, research goes a l. o. n. g. way
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Here is also a guide (there's a TLDR example build section too) that can help you get a PC that can actually game at many different price points.

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IF its an option. See if your dad will give you the cash, then go get yourself a prepaid card at the bank like Kalganized mentioned or simply open up a checking account with a debit card option.

It may take them time to get you the card but if you can wait its a good option then you just have to slap the cash in the bank to use it :D
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