EDIT: Some seasoned players have made some legitimate posts in this thread debating what I've said, so take mine for what it is (my opinion)

I am not seasoned (yet) and i disagree with your title.

Just wanted to post this in case anyone here was actually considering getting this game. Good god its a trap avoid at all costs.

It's free (now). Not sure how it's a trap.

I picked it up yesterday.. couldn't stomach more than an hour of it.

So you didn't get farther than level 5 or so?

It's touted as being a "true action MMO" just because they got rid of locked on targeting in favor of an FPS style crosshair with highly mobile combat and dodging/blocking types of mechanics...from what I understood it was supposed to play more like God of War or Devil May Cry than an MMO. This all sounds great until you get in to the game and realize you have to stop moving to use any of your abilities.

It has much much better combat than WoW.

This %^-* makes WoW combat feel like white-knuckle edge of your seat action.

No. It makes WoW's button mash in this sequence and press this button when you get a special proc combat system seem dull. I haven't played WoW in a long time but i am guessing it's still the same now as it has been for a while.

Furthermore, the graphics that look so pretty in the trailers are rendered completely obsolete by the fact that the max view distance possible in the game (maxed graphic settings) is like 10 yards in front of you even on a monster gaming rig.

It has one of the best graphics i've seen in any game and its cutscenes are awesome as well. Not sure where you're getting the 10 yard limiting viewing distance but i can see much farther than 10 yards.

Please do not buy this game.

I didn't. It's free.

I wasn't entirely thrilled with how D3 turned out but after playing Tera I'm an even bigger blizzard fanboy than I ever was. DO NOT BUY.

Fixed to:

I was pretty disappointed with how D3 turned out but after playing Tera I'm realizing that there are still game companies that give a ___ about their games even if their games are free.

Yeah I'm sure I'll get flamed for even buying it. I deserve it entirely.

Not sure if anyone has flamed you.

But again this is my opinion.

Many new (like me) and veteran players would disagree with your opinion (or at least most of it).

Tera's major downside is the uninspired questing system. Other than that, Tera has been an absolute blast to play. You probably didn't give it a chance.
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