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Playing SC, how the other half lives (dies)

05/31/2012 03:41 PMPosted by Tyveil
Blizzard really made the penalty for death way too minimal in SC. Also I think the penalty in HC is way to harsh, leading to gameplay styles like you mention. They really are 2 extremes. I would have loved to have seen a mode where death stings, and takes a good amount of time to recover from (10-30 minutes of game play time). This would lead to risk taking that you don't see in HC, with the importance of defensive stats and strategizing you don't see in SC.

Thats really a good idea... even if they made it like a 5 hours gametime ban so you would be out for the night people would take it very serious and people would not lose days of their lives due to a lag spike
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Haha a ban is a bit extreme, tweaking the quest turn in for hardcore would be a more sensible solution. Geez if a bam were the case I would end up with one for life after attempting to play after a few sherbets.
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Yeah, I hope people didn't read that I'm anti-HC. Quite the opposite, I mostly only play HC, and will continue to mostly only play HC, though I am finding SC "interesting" in a way as it relates to my expectation and enjoyment of HC, and there are a few problems with HC that I can't ignore after having played on the other side, the most notable one being the powerlevel thing.

Like, a guy in this thread said that he just died at 43, and he's going to powerlevel back up to 43 because going through normal etc. is boring. Now, I get that, I really do, but then what's the point of playing a hardcore character if essentially you are just respawning, but with a longer time to get back in the action? I don't have an answer for this. I don't think there IS an answer for this.

I think an EXP penalty for death in SC would be an awesome change, because really the endless corpse throwing is a joke. I mean I did 4 person diablo on my wizard and it was like no one in my group even tried to stay alive but me, which is not only stupid for obvious reasons, but also makes it unenjoyable for the person who actually tries to stay alive and carries 3 dummies through a boss.

But it's too late in the game to do it now; can't imagine the QQ if they added something like that post-launch.

They don't have exp penalty because it's a lot less meaningful than it was in D2. In d2 reaching 99 was next to impossible; here reaching 60 is just getting started with the real difficulty and where most people will be very soon.

Also softcore and power-leveling have nothing in common. I'm sure the town leveling will be fixed but there will always be the most efficient way to level; it's impossible for it not to exist.

If you want to equate dying and powerleveling as a long respawn then you can make the argument that everything is identical and the only difference is time commitment - which it is. But that's a pretty bland way to look at it, no?

No, you misunderstand me. I think the main difference between gameplay in SC and HC is corpse throwing. When you remove the death penalty by being able to power level so quickly and with no risk (3 hours in town to level 50+ now so I hear--look at the many ads on the subject in these forums), then essentially you ARE respawning without the ability to corpse throw, albeit after a much more inconvenient downtime.

And you must see the difference between an efficient way to level that the player/s perform versus sitting in town and turning a quest in for 3 hours before hitting 50.

Bottom line: what makes my pulse pound in HC is the fear of losing my 30+ hour invested character, alongside another character at my level who I will assume has an equal amount of playtime and therefore the same investment as me.

It kills it for me if that person's toon is just a 3-hour p-level dummy with no clue how to play his class (and probably will get me killed as well).

So to me, there are two problems at work here, and I'm not sure where it puts me: corpse throwing in SC makes the game trivial, so not a fan of it. P-lvl'ing in HC seems to turn the game into SC without corpse throwing.

So, no, while powerlevelling doesn't directly affect me from a soloer's perspective, it is one of those things that is hard to ignore, even if you play this game solo.

This isn't even mentioning what it's doing to the AH's economy.
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Mith, been there done that, same opinion. What point are you trying to make?
Just because your opiniOn changed because you thought you were going to be god almighty but got cut short and had to start again and are upset about it so maybe you wanted to take the shortcut back to where you were, why do you think that we might feel the same.
As I stated before I acknowledge these risks and so be it if I have to start again, I knew what I was in for, why do I want to fast track to where I died, I would just invest in sc for that.
I'm satisfied by getting past that point where I died last, if I die 5 minutes later then so be it, I'm not going to resort to fast tracking back to that point just because I'm frustrated that I was bad enough to die, I'm not trying to clear HC content to prove any points, I'm playing it because
I find the gamble enjoyable, much like throwing a hundred on 00. Sure the odds of hitting it are not in my favor but if I happen to get there I'm content with my decision. Sure get something to 60 and clear it all, but then what? Are you going to sit there and say been there done that and be too scared to take another gamble in the fear of losing it all? That's just looking for status and recognition for what, fuelling your ego? If I bought say, $200 worth of gear on the ah and lost it all due to a stupid death even if it wasn't my fault I would still take it on the chin because I knew from the start I was taking that risk. Im just trying to achieve maximum satisfaction for MYSELF, if you are playing HC to obtain some kind of status then kudos to you. But to old mate johnny down the road who doesnt know what online gaming is let alone Diablo 3, it means jack s£¥#.
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Exception to be honest I'm not too fussed about what these power levellers are doing to the economy, I don't think most of them would be very capable of farming top end gear to tank the economy with.
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1) do not res them
2) ?????
3) profit
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wall of text sofctore post.. couldnt care less
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Even with power leveling people never ever "corpse throw" in HC. People may not cherish their individual characters quite as much but people they still play much more conservatively than in SC.

SC is meant to be easy and approachable to casual gamers. ("Gamers" is not recognized as a word by Chrome; Go ahead, try it out.) If that means having no death penalty, I understand the logic behind it.

I like playing HC because people are generally better players and I don't like the play style of corpse throwing that SC always seems to devolve into. Also, I feel perfectly comfortable raging if a person afks in a HC game. Seriously, if you do that, go kill yourself.
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06/01/2012 04:18 PMPosted by Plasmoduck
Exception to be honest I'm not too fussed about what these power levellers are doing to the economy, I don't think most of them would be very capable of farming top end gear to tank the economy with.

To tank the economy with? Why do you even want the Economy so inflated it takes you days to get the money? I dont see the point I mean Hc is made up of more adults then Sc so who has the time to farm for 5 hours a day to get 1 item in 2 days or 3 days time?
I'd take my 30k top notch gear at 60 over it being 600k-2m as it stands anyday

Sigh, it isnt to bad now but I'm simply asking (dont flame me haha)

Rip to your dead Toon's (:
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05/31/2012 08:31 PMPosted by Plasmoduck
But all in all it doesn't affect my own personal game so I don't really care what people do, if it's what they need to do to be satisfied then so be it, who am I to judge.

I agree. It doesn't effect my gameplay whatsoever so to each his own.
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06/01/2012 04:38 PMPosted by Xion
wall of text sofctore post.. couldnt care less

wrong, I have about 80% more played time on my HC chars than my ONE SC char, which I picked up from level 10 last Tuesday lol.

Ignoring HC issues doesn't make them go away. But no, it's totally fine that you can level to 55 sitting in town over 4 hours. And no, this won't have any impact whatsoever on the econmy or the gameplay of who you might have the unfortunate pleasure of pugging with once they are off their p-level teat.

What's your highest level HC char? Well, to be honest, it doesn't really matter because you are just as likely to have gotten it by sitting in town for 3 hours rather than doing some actual work with risk invovled.
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