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In response to Athene's Diablo Inferno kill

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Recently I logged on the forums and saw a plethora of kids saying "ATHENE KILLED DIABLO IN INFERNO IN UNDER 2 MINS...WE MUST NERF DEMON HUNTERZ!!!"

And then I read comments below the post that stated multiple times...and I quote "Diablo kept getting Athene to 0% hp and he never died! He was obviously hacking!" At which point I realized what type of audience I was dealing with. (It's 1% hp not 0%)

So let me break this down for you....

Athene has an army of adolescent misguided teens willing to farm whatever gear and items he needs to achieve his goals. In WoW he used them to help him level at rapid speeds...and in Diablo he uses them to get geared with the best gear in the game faster than most people....NO SKILLZ required. It is easier for him to kill bosses than most players with the gear his minions farmed for him. Most players do not have people farming gear/items/professions for them 24/7 or helping them out in any way....so to nerf a class based on one persons achievements that he was only able to accomplish through the hard work and dedication of the minions carrying his water for him...is ridiculous.

In my opinion....I think Athene should learn how to play a paladin before he attempts to bring his demon hunter into the arena.
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BOOM. What now suckas!
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totally agree wif u man
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He is right though, Athene is incredibly smart in how he promotes himself and his tactics.. but he's an average player @ best. Was not overly good in WoW and from watching his stream he gets carried even with his gear in D3.

Having access to the best gear in the game this quick isn't really something to cry nerf over.
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Nerd follwers doing biddings for thy nerd master? I thought this was only in movies.
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Lol athene did not hack or anything. That 0% was a BUG. IT happens to me if I stand on AOE while I have SS on. IT IS A BUG.
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You got some balls.

I approve this post.
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Was this just an Athene bashing post?

Clearly DH's are going to get nerfed, probably in about 2.5 hours when the servers are back up. No way that nether tenticles will stay the way it is for long.
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You should start your own youtube series cuz you just took down athene like a boss...
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05/29/2012 08:30 AMPosted by Kaìne
Just mad he isn't as popular as Athene.

If I was going for online popularity I'd quit my job and move back in with my parents.

Meh, in many cases online popularity earns alot of money (Though jealously obviously isn't the reason behind this thread)
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Your obviously retarded if you think athene doesn't have skills.
This guy was ranked FIRST in 3s and 5s in arena.

This nobody paladin telling him he should learn paladin?
What an idiot..

Trash rant is trash.
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So, how do we gain our own nerd following? Apparently that's the key for Inf
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I feel the same way.
Buttt.... so what?!
Yah hes got minions. Thats awesome for him.
Wish i had nerd minions.
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WoW has ruined the online game community.
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Do not make fun of Internet Superstar! He screenshots his D3 Kills and WoW Arena Ladder Rankings to meet women in bars. You are just jealous that you do not formulate your value and self-esteem from pixels!

In all seriousness though - LOL how is doing anything, in any video game a big deal?
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Was this just an Athene bashing post?

Clearly DH's are going to get nerfed, probably in about 2.5 hours when the servers are back up. No way that nether tenticles will stay the way it is for long.

Nothing's wrong with NT
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