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05/29/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Nopskillz
Between Caltrops + Frost Arrow, you are almost always hitting things that are slowed!

or just get a wpn with +cold dmg. then EVERYTHING procs cull the weak
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Caltrops is a must-have in my builds. They are too useful to ignore. I love numbing traps for damage reduction.

They do damage, proc cull the weak, snare, give a group damage reduction... what's not to like?
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is everyone a noob or something?

caltrops with jagged spikes?

you mean torturous grounds right?
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I find the jagged spikes rune very useful in inferno. I have played around with torturous grounds as well, but I like jagged spikes more for kiting annoying immune elite packs and such.
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The problem with caltrops is they drain prescious disc that could be used for SS. You won't care pre act 2 inferno, but afterwards you will. There are still lots of times when caltrops becomes useful, it's just very situational.
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I'm surprised so many people are using the jagged spikes rune. Torturous ground even works on bosses/shielded/invulnerable and you can perma immobilize the little treasure gnomes. Works great on fast mobs as well.
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05/29/2012 11:00 AMPosted by Myst
Or, you could just be a beast Demon Hunter. Meaning, not having to worry about kiting, and rely on pure damage. Use SS / Prep, of course. Also, Impale ( with Grievous Wounds ) and using your Bat companion allows for max. damage output. Get a weapon with 900+ damage and you then, don't have to worry about caltrops. The only point where I see caltrops being necessary is for the achieve. =/

LOL back to hell you go
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try this build it seems to work for me
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